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A Zippo is a form of lighter.


While hunting the ghost of Sanford Ellicott, hunter Dean Winchester carries a Zippo. After finding Ellicott's corpse, Dean attempts to perform a salt and burn, but is interrupted by Ellicott's ghost. As Ellicott uses his powers on Dean, Dean manages to reach his Zippo and use it to ignite Ellicott's corpse, destroying his ghost.

After escaping certain death from the Vanir Sam and Dean with the help of Emily Jorgeson find the First Tree, the calling mark of the Vanir. Sam douses it in gasoline and Dean lights a tree branch with his Zippo to burn the tree. Emily asks to burn the tree and incinerates it. The Vanir was destroyed as a result and was unable to inhabit the scarecrow again.

In order to destroy Mordechai Murdoch, Dean uses a Zippo and some gasoline to light Murdoch's house on fire.

After finding Melanie's doll, Dean desperately attempts to use his Zippo to burn it in order to destroy Melanie Merchant's ghost. After several failed tries, the lighter finally catches and Dean is able to burn the doll and destroy the ghost.

After coming up with a plan to kill the zombie Angela Mason Sam and Dean go to her grave. They dig it up and use their Zippos to light several candles around it. Their plan works and Dean kills Angela.

While hunting changelings and later a Rugaru, the Winchesters use Zippos to light their flamethrowers to kill the monsters.

While luring Alastair in as part of a plan to save Anna Milton, Ruby used a Zippo to burn her hex bag hiding her location from the demons.

In order to destroy the vengeful spirit of Dirk MacGregor, Jr., Dean uses a Zippo to burn Dirk's last lock of hair. Dean later does the same to Leticia Gore after mistaking her as the ghost that is harming fans at a Supernatural convention. After discovering that its really the Ghost Orphans, Demian and Barnes perform a salt and burn upon their bones to destroy them. While struggling to get his Zippo lit, Demian complains that "Sam and Dean always get it on the first try."

While trapping the archangels Raphael and Gabriel respectively in holy fire, Castiel and Sam Winchester use Zippos to light the holy oil. Sam later does the same while trapping Balthazar.

While fighting a Lamia, Dean uses a Zippo as part of a makeshift flamethrower to kill the monster. While helping Bobby Singer break his deal with Crowley, Dean clicks his Zippo over the phone repeatedly to warn Crowley that he is ready to kill him if Crowley doesn't comply. After Crowley breaks the deal and arrives in Scotland to collect his bones, Dean considers torching them anyway, but Sam closes his lighter to stop him.

In order to destroy the ghost of Kate Fox, Dean attempts to use a Zippo to ignite her bones in a salt and burn, but his Zippo fails to light, apparently out of lighter fluid. As Kate rushes towards them, Sam tosses a Zippo of his own into her grave, destroying her ghost.

After learning that the violent spirit is actually Margaret Fox, the Winchesters attempt to salt and burn her bones to end her rampage with Dean commenting that his lighter is full this time. However, Margaret's bones are not in her grave. After finding them in Jimmy Tomorrow's bed, Sam uses a Zippo to ignite the bones and destroy Margaret.

In order to trap Guy the rogue Crossroad Demon, Becky Rosen lures him in with the promises of making a deal and then uses a Zippo to burn a devil's trap made out of blueberry vodka into the carpet.

In order to allow Crowley to possess Linda Tran, Beau uses a Zippo to burn off her anti-possession tattoo, leaving Linda with a large burn on her arm in the place that the tattoo had been.

In 1944 Vitsebsk, Belarus an SS guard attempts to light his cigarette with a Zippo but can't due to it not working properly. He ultimately ends up not lighting it as he is killed by a Golem seconds later.

While trying to kill the witch Spencer Wallis with the Witch-killing spell Sam pulls out his Zippo to light the Molotov cocktail which contains the spell. Sam does so and Dean throws the cocktail at Spencer killing him.

While hunting down Gadreel Sam and Dean manage to lure him into a trap. They trap him in a ring of holy fire. Dean used his Zippo to light the holy oil. Metatron then gets word that Sam and Dean have Gadreel, so he appears to Sam and offers him a deal – Castiel for Gadreel. At the exchange site, Sam and Dean try to trap Metatron in a ring of oil fire, but he simply blows it out due to being empowered by the Angel Tablet. Dean also lit the holy oil with his Zippo in this situation.

After being led to Katja by Hansel, Dean attempts to ignite the potion part of a witch-killing spell with a Zippo. However, Hansel warns Katja who smashes the spell before Dean can get it lit.

In order to safely remove a bullet from Sam, Dean uses his Zippo to sterilize a pair of tweezers.

While attempting to get revenge at Bucky Sims for killing his rival Asa Fox the demon Jael traps him and several other hunters in a house during Asa's wake. He knocks out the power making the house dark. Jody Mills and Dean both pull out Zippos to light candles for light.

When the Prince of Hell Ramiel arrives in the barn that they are hiding in, Sam uses a Zippo to ignite the holy oil ring around Ramiel in an attempt to trap him.

As he is forced to turn over Barthamus' bones, Dean discreetly leaves his Zippo on top of them and signals Alice to what he has done. After reaching the bones, Alice uses Dean's Zippo to set them on fire, killing Barthamus.

After Rowena MacLeod traps them with an immobilization spell, Sam manages to grab the hex bag and toss it to Dean who uses his Zippo to burn the hex bag. This instantly breaks the spell cast upon the Winchesters.

While fighting a possessed stuffed dinosaur Sam manages to tackle it to the ground. Dean then douses it with holy oil and sets it on fire with his Zippo. This caused the stuffed dinosaur to explode.

After discovering that they are fighting the ghost of infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy, Sam tries to use a Zippo to burn John Wayne Gacy's cigar box in a fireplace after dousing the box in lighter fluid. However, Sam has trouble igniting his lighter, forcing Dean to fight Gacy briefly. Sam finally manages to get the lighter to work and sets the box on fire, destroying Gacy's ghost before the shocked local teenagers who enter the room just in time to witness the event.

After pouring alcohol over Jacinda's body, Dean used his Zippo to set it on fire, destroying Jacinda's ghost.

While meeting with the Main Universe Michael, Castiel uses a Zippo to ignite a ring of holy fire around the archangel, shocking Michael.

Dean uses one to light a candle on Jack's birthday cake.

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  • The Winchesters appear to go through many Zippos over the course of the show. This likely comes from the fact that they are always dropping them into graves during salt and burns which presumably destroys the lighter as well.
  • In The Real Ghostbusters, Demian comments on how Sam and Dean never seem to have trouble with their lighters while he is trying to salt and burn the bones of the Ghost Orphans. In The Mentalists, Dean has trouble getting his Zippo working while trying to destroy the ghost of Kate Fox and Sam has the same problem while trying to destroy the ghost of John Wayne Gacy in Lebanon.