Zeus was the chief pagan deity of the Greek pantheon. He was the god of the sky and thunder. He is father to many other deities of his pantheon, including Artemis.

Season 8

Remember the Titans

After learning that Prometheus' son Oliver is cursed with the same immortality as his father, Sam and Dean summon Zeus into a trap in order to force him to break the curse or die as they know how to kill him. Zeus agrees to break the curse if they break the trap, but they refuse as they don't believe him. However, Hayley breaks the trap, desperate to save her son. Instead, Zeus stuns everyone and summons Artemis to deal with Sam and Dean while he makes up for lost time by killing Prometheus over and over again and doing the same to his son to make him feel pain. As he is about to kill Oliver, Artemis, who is secretly in love with Prometheus, intervenes and threatens Zeus with one of her arrows which can kill immortals. Zeus refuses to stop and Artemis, telling Zeus he is no longer her father, fires on him. However, Zeus pulls Prometheus in front of the arrow, mortally wounding him and he taunts his old enemy about how much he enjoys seeing him die. Prometheus takes the opportunity to shove the arrow through himself into Zeus, killing the god in a blast of electricty. After briefly mourning Prometheus' permanant death, Artemis disappears with Zeus' body and the curse on Oliver is broken.


Like virtually all gods, Zeus was cruel and arrogant. He punished Prometheus for bringing fire to Humanity by chaining him to a mountain and cursing him to die and have his liver eaten by an eagle every day. This shows that Zeus has no regard for his fellow gods and also that he cares nothing for the well-being of humans, only wishing to rule the world.

Zeus was also sadistic. He was going to kill Oliver, a 7 year old boy, over and over again for all eternity just to make Prometheus suffer. He addmited that he enjoyed watching Prometheus suffer and die.


Zeus appeared as a middle aged adult man. His attire was of formal and business appearance. 

Powers and Abilities

As a deity, Zeus possesses several abilities common to his kind. However, he also possesses unique powers.

  • Immortality - Zeus was over 6,000 years old and retains the appearance and health of a middle-aged man. He has an infinite lifespan and is not subject to old age.
  • Superhuman Strength - He brutally beat Prometheus with his bare hands.
  • Telekinesis - He choked Hayley with just a snap of his fingers. He also tourtured, overpowered, and moved Prometheus with this power.
  • Invulnerability - Zeus was not subject to disease or any other natural causes of death.
  • Electrokinesis - As Greek god of the sky, he had the ability to generate lightning bolts.
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