Don't mock my World Turtle.
Zao Shen to Odin
in Hammer of the Gods

Zao Shen, or Zao Jun, was the Kitchen God of Chinese folk religion and mythology and is a very important domestic god. He meets with a number of other deities to discuss The Apocalypse.


Season 5Edit

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Dean kills Zao Shen.

Zao Shen was one of the many deities who came to the Elysian Fields hotel to discuss the coming Apocalypse. He gets into a fight with Odin when Odin mocks his world (specifically the part about the world being carried on the back of a turtle). Later he helps Odin and Baron Samedi in killing one of their captives. He was the one who found Sam and Dean attempting to free the captured humans and grabbed Sam. He was killed by Dean using a stake of unknown wood. It is likely that Zao was the one who 'prepared' the humans for eating, as he was a Kitchen God.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - As a deity, Zao Shen did not age and could have lived forever. He claimed to be older than Odin, though Odin claimed that this was never proven.
  • Invulnerability - Zao Shen could not be permanently harmed by mortal means, save for certain types of stakes such as the one wielded by Dean.
  • Super Strength - Zao Shen overpowered a man for the deities to kill. He later lifted Sam off the ground by the throat with one hand and choked him.


  • Stakes - He was killed by Dean using a stake of an unknown kind of wood.



  • Zao Shen was known as the kitchen God and the stove God, and is the most important of a plethora of Chinese domestic gods that protect the hearth and family.
    • As a kitchen deity, Zao might have been the responsible for cooking in the Elysian Fields Hotel acting as chef, although it is unconfirmed.
  • Unlike the other deities, Zao Shen did not speak English, he spoke in Cantonese.
  • It should be noted that he is frequently questioning Odin's age in comparison to him.
  • He is the only pagan deity not to die by Lucifer's hand in the episode, but by Dean's.
  • When Dean killed Zao Shen, he emitted a noise that sounded like an angel dying. Also, a cut on his face visibly burned for a second.


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