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|name = Zao Shen
|name = Zao Shen
|image = Zao Shen thumb-1-.png
|image = [[File:Zao_Shen_thumb-1-.png|250px]]
|season = [[Season 5|5]]
|season = [[season 5|5]]
|category = [[Deities|Deity]]
|category = [[Pagans|Pagan]] God
|status = Deceased {{c|[[Killed by Dean Winchester|killed by]] [[Dean Winchester]]}}
|appeared = [[Hammer of the Gods]]
|Title/Alias =
|appearance = [[Hammer of the Gods]]
|occupation = Chinese God
|status = Deceased}}Zao Shen is a Chinese kitchen God.
|affiliation = *Chinese Pantheon<br>
==[[Supernatural|''Supernatural'']] Appearance==
**[[World Turtle]]
|family = [[God]] {{c|creator}}
|actor = [[King Lau]]
[[File:SupernaturalGods_1272030705.jpg|left|thumb|Dean kills Zao Shen.]]Shen was one of the [[Pagans|many gods]] who came to the fake hotel set to trap [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] to discuss the coming [[apocalypse]]. He does get in a fight with[[ Odin]] about Odin teasing his world turtle. He is the one who finds Sam and Dean attempting to free the captured humans and groups Sam. He was killed by Dean using a wooden stake.
|Don't mock my [[World Turtle]].
|'''Zao Shen''' to [[Odin]]
|''[[Hammer of the Gods]]''}}
'''Zao Shen''', or '''Zao Jun''', was the Kitchen God of Chinese folk religion and mythology and is a very important domestic god. He meets with a number of other deities to discuss [[The Apocalypse]].
Though there are many stories on how Zao Jun became the Kitchen God, the most popular dates back to around the 2nd Century BC. Zao Jun was originally a mortal man living on earth whose name was Zhang Lang. He eventually became married to a virtuous woman, but ended up falling in love with a younger woman. He left his wife to be with this younger woman and, as punishment for this adulterous act, the heavens afflicted him with ill-fortune. He became blind, and his young lover abandoned him, leaving him to resort to begging to support himself.
===[[Season 5]]===
[[File:SupernaturalGods 1272030705.jpg|250px|thumb|Dean kills Zao Shen.]]
Zao Shen was one of the [[Pagans|many deities]] who came to the [[Elysian Fields Hotel|Elysian Fields hotel]] to discuss the coming [[The Apocalypse|Apocalypse]]. He gets into a fight with [[Odin]] when Odin mocks his world (specifically the part about the world being carried on the back of a turtle). Later he helps Odin and Baron Samedi in killing one of their captives. He was the one who found Sam and Dean attempting to free the captured [[humans]] and grabbed Sam. He was killed by Dean using a stake of unknown wood. It is likely that Zao was the one who 'prepared' the humans for eating, as he was a Kitchen God.<ref>''[[Hammer of the Gods]]''</ref>
==Powers and Abilities==
One day, while begging for alms, he happened across the house of his former wife. Being blind, he did not recognize her. Despite his shoddy treatment of her, she took pity on him, and invited him in. She cooked him a fabulous meal and tended to him lovingly; he then related his story to her. As he shared his story, Zhang Lang became overwhelmed with self-pity and the pain of his error and began to weep. Upon hearing him apologize, Zhang's former wife told him to open his eyes and his vision was restored. Recognizing the wife he had abandoned, Zhang felt such shame that he threw himself into the kitchen hearth, not realizing that it was lit. His former wife attempted to save him, but all she managed to salvage was one of his legs.
*'''[[Immortality]]''' - As a [[Deities|deity]], Zao Shen did not age and could have lived forever. He claimed to be older than Odin, though [[Odin]] claimed that this was never proven.
*'''[[Invulnerability]]''' - Zao Shen could not be permanently harmed by mortal means, save for certain types of stakes such as the one wielded by [[Dean Winchester|Dean]].
*'''[[Super Strength]]''' - Zao Shen overpowered a man for the deities to kill. He later lifted [[Sam Winchester|Sam]] off the ground by the throat with one hand and choked him.
The devoted woman then created a shrine to her former husband above the fireplace, which began Zao Jun's association with the stove in Chinese homes. To this day, a fire poker is sometimes referred to as "Zhang Lang's Leg".
*'''[[Stakes]]''' - He was killed by Dean using a stake of an unknown kind of wood.
Alternatively, there is another tale where Zao Jun was a man so poor he was forced to sell his wife. Years later he unwittingly became a servant in the house of her new husband. Taking pity on him she baked him some cakes into which she had hidden money, but he failed to notice this and sold the cakes for a pittance. When he realized what he had done he took his own life in despair. In both stories Heaven takes pity on Zhang Lang's tragic story. Instead of becoming a vampirish [ Hopping corpse], the usual fate of suicides, he was made the god of the Kitchen, and was reunited with his wife.
*[[Season 5]]
**''[[Hammer of the Gods]]''
The origin of the Kitchen God has different stories behind it just as any historical cultural tradition may. Another possible story of the "Stove God" is believed to have appeared soon after the invention of the brick stove. The Kitchen God was originally believed to have resided in the stove and only later took on human form. During the Han Dynasty, it is believed that a poor farmer named Yin Zifang, was surprised by the Kitchen God who appeared on Lunar New Year as he was cooking his breakfast. Yin Zifang decided to sacrifice his only yellow sheep for the Kitchen God. In doing so, he became rich and decided that every winter he would sacrifice one yellow sheep in order to display his deep gratitude for the Kitchen God.
*Zao Shen was known as the kitchen God and the stove God, and is the most important of a plethora of Chinese domestic gods that protect the hearth and family.
**As a kitchen deity, Zao might have been the responsible for cooking in the [[Elysian Fields Hotel]] acting as chef, although it is unconfirmed.
*Unlike the other deities, Zao Shen did not speak English, he spoke in Cantonese.
*It should be noted that he is frequently questioning [[Odin]]'s age in comparison to him.
*He is the only pagan deity not to die by Lucifer's hand in the episode, but by Dean's.
*When Dean killed Zao Shen, he emitted a noise that sounded like an [[angel]] dying. Also, a cut on his face visibly burned for a second.
'''Powers & Abilities'''
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