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In Romanian lore, Zanna are creatures who guide and protect lost children. Zanna intentionally appear as figment's of a child's imagination, allowing the child to move on with confidence once guidance is no longer necessary.

Zanna are a type of creature that act as guides and guardian angels to children in need of them. They do so under the guise of being a child's imaginary friend for as long as the child needs them, but once the child no longer needs them, the Zanna leaves and moves on to another child.


Listen, I have seen more than my share of monsters. And I mean real monsters. Bad. These guys? These are Sesame Street Mother Theresas.

The four known Zanna so far take on humanoid forms, possibly to appease the child. Each one has a unique ability and attribute, such as Sparkle having sparkly blood.

They are very docile and do not wish to cause harm to others, much less to one of their own. They are playful, patient, very caring, and full of wisdom and knowledge, making them very suitable for kids.

Zanna also date one another and presumably reproduce in this manner. It is unknown if Zanna requires food. Their origin is also a mystery. Their sole purpose is to guide children and it appears they only choose human children.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Invisibility - Zanna are only invisible to humans unless a Zanna allows a human to see them or a spell is cast.
  • Shapeshifting - Zanna can assume virtually any form imaginable, an ability they utilize to suit their appearance to fit the child they guide. It appears that certain forms can also grant them certain powers stemming from those forms.
  • Telepathy - All Zanna are mentally connected with each other.
  • Teleportation - Sully was able to teleport into the Men of Letters bunker.
  • Magic - Zanna have a limited range of magical powers typically passive in nature including conjuration, empathic sensing, and glamouring.
  • Perception Altering - While naturally invisible to everyone around them, Zanna is capable of making it so that people see as they see, resulting in the affected person seeing other Zanna even when they are intentionally invisible to them.
  • Empathy - Zanna are able to sense the emotions of children.


  • Magic - Although invisible to humans, a spell can be cast to allow humans to see Zanna.
  • Zanna-killing knife - Reese was able to get a knife from a witch that could kill Zanna. It was branded with Romanian Cyrillic sigils or spellwork.

Known Zannas[]




Zanna in lore

  • Zanna or in its original Romanian spelling Zână (plural zâne; zînă and zîne, d̦ână and d̦âne in old spellings), is the Romanian equivalent of the Greek Charites. They are the opposite of monsters like Muma Pădurii. These characters make positive appearances in fairy tales and reside mostly in the woods. They can also be considered the Romanian equivalent of fairies and of the Germanic Elf. They give life to fetuses in utero and bestow upon them great gifts like the art of dancing, beauty, kindness, and luck. In folk tales, it is told not to upset them because they also have the power to do bad things or put a curse on the wrongdoer. They also act like guardian angels, especially for children who enter the woods, or for other good people. The word zână comes from the Roman goddess Diana (as does Astur-Leonese xana). She is the one who has all the beauty, and is the one that gives it away. Zână is also used in current Romanian slang to refer to an attractive girl, though it is not necessarily the kindest way to do so.
  • Word "Zanna" has similar structure to words like Arabic "Jann", which later the Arabic word Djinn is derived from, whose primary meaning is "to hide". Some Arabic authors interpret the word to mean, literally, "beings that are concealed from the senses", it may be referenced to Zanna's ability in invisibility.
    • In Islamic and Javanese cultures, Djinn also often reported if they like interacting with children from simply accompanying to heavily disturbing them. It may be also referenced Zanna's ability to interact with human children.