Zack Smitt was an alcoholic and a resident of Providence, Rhode Island.

Zack is lying on a single bed, staring at the ceiling. He drinks from a bottle of liquor, a comic book entitled "THESEUS" rests open on his chest. The room begins to shake violently, the lights flickering. More bottles tumble to the floor from the night stand, and the television topples with a crash. Zack scrambles out of bed frantically, a blinding light appears in front of him and he holds up a hand in terror, then awe washes over his features.

Later Zack walks down the sidewalk calmly, hands in his pockets, he sees the blinding light beside a house and stops. He stares for a long time, then nods and smiles and approaches the house, and knocks on the door. A man opens the door.

Zack introduced himself to him, then pulls out a knife and stabs the man through the heart. After this Zack went to the police and confessed.


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