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N-No one's making deals. Like at all. Uh, Rowena has a hard "people will end up where they belong" philosophy. It can be nice, less quotas. But, like, look at me, uh, a Crossroads Demon who can't bring in a deal? Like wha-- what even am I?
— Zack complains about Rowena's new rules
in Gimme Shelter

Zack is a Crossroad Demon who was put out of a job by Rowena MacLeod's new rules.


After Rowena MacLeod becomes the new Queen of Hell, she forbids the Crossroad Demons from making deals due to a hard "people end up where they belong" philosophy. As a result, Zack is effectively put out of a job.

In 2020, suspecting that a demon is behind a brutal murder, Castiel and Jack Kline perform a ritual to summon a Crossroad Demon for answers. Finally, Zack appears and in a fake British accent, states that "the ship is closed" and there are no more deals. Castiel draws his angel blade and states that they aren't there to make a deal. Referring to himself in the third person, Zack asks how he can help, confusing Jack with his behavior. The two question if a demon had killed Conner Todd and if it was Zack, but Zack denies and then drops his British accent to ask if angels are now solving human crimes, commenting that if it was a TV show he'd watch it.

Confused by Zack's strange mannerisms, Jack asks if Zack knows who did it, but he doesn't. Though Zack admires the work, it has nothing to do with Hell and is "just some whacko." Castiel confirms with Zack that no one made a deal and Zack explains Rowena's new policy forbidding demon deals with humans. Zack comments that the lack of quotas could be nice, but wonders what he is if he isn't able to do his job. Realizing that Zack is of no more use to them and fed up with the Crossroad Demon, Castiel and Jack begin to leave. Stating that he's bored out of his mind, Zack begs to help them, offering to be their driver, but the two ignore the protesting demon and walk away.

After Sylvia's arrest, Zack dresses up as the police officer assigned to take her to jail. Flashing his red eyes and smiling, Zack drives away with her either suggesting that he intends to break Rowena's rule on not making deals or he really wanted to help solve a human crime and drive a car as he suggested to Castiel.


So, how can Zack be of service?
Why is he talking like that?
I don't know.
Because Zack has style.
— Jack, Castiel and Zack discussing Zack's mannerisms.
in Gimme Shelter

Zack appears to be somewhat obnoxious, complaining about his lack of a job, referring to himself in the third person and speaking in a fake British accent that he drops when Castiel and Jack ignore him. Like Grab, Zack appears to be more obnoxious than evil, a rare trait in a demon. Zack seemed offended by the idea that he was responsible for the murder of Conner Todd as well though he admits that he admires the work.

Zack appears to be a fan of human TV, commenting that if there was a show about angels solving human murders, he would watch that show.

Zack admits that while the new rules could be good as it means less quotas, but it has left him so bored that he desperately asks Jack and Castiel if he can do anything to help them, even offering to act as their driver if it gives him a job and is annoyed when they ignore him. However, he willingly tells them what little he knows about the murder.

Rare for a demon, Zack showed no hostility towards the angelic beings and even asks to associate with them, possibly due to his sheer boredom.

Zack later dresses up as a police officer and drives off with Sylvia, either suggesting that he intends to break Rowena's rule on not making deals or he really wanted to help solve a human crime and drive a car as he suggested to Castiel.

Powers and Abilities[]

Zack possesses all the abilities of a regular Crossroad Demon.

  • Demonic Possession - Like all demons, Zack requires a vessel to walk the earth.
  • Immortality - As a demon, he will never die or age unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As a demon, he is invulnerable to all normal methods of harm.
  • Teleportation - Zack can teleport to wherever he is summoned to on Earth.
  • Reality Warping (through deals) - As a Crossroad Demon, Zack can warp reality to fulfill the deals he makes with people.


Zack possesses all of the regular weaknesses of a demon.

  • Angel Blades - When Zack arrived, Castiel drew his angel blade in case Zack turned out to be a threat.