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Earth, you're always stepping in something.
Zachariah to Castiel
in Lebanon

Zachariah was an angel from a split timeline in 2003.

He is the counterpart of the Zachariah of the main timeline.


Season 14[]

Zachariah and Castiel appear on Earth.

In Lebanon, in an alternate timeline caused by John Winchester getting pulled from 2003, Zachariah arrives in Lebanon, Kansas with the alternate timeline Castiel to investigate. Walking into a nearby restaurant, Zachariah demands to know who has been messing with time, causing the patrons to think he's nuts after he claims to be from Heaven. Zachariah threatens to have Castiel murder them all otherwise and orders Castiel to display his wings and scare them.

The effects of Castiel displaying his wings draws the attention of Sam and Dean from outside and they enter the restaurant to investigate and are shocked to find Zachariah. Zachariah is equally shocked to see them, commenting that Heaven had big plans for the Winchesters before their father disappeared. Zachariah quickly realizes that the Winchesters are responsible for what happened and orders Castiel to kill them.

As Castiel takes on Dean, Zachariah begins choking Sam, demanding to know what he did. Zachariah taunts Sam, moving closer as he demands that Sam speak. Zachariah doesn't notice Sam draw an angel blade from his belt as he moves closer. Once Zachariah is in his face, Sam stabs him in the heart with the angel blade, killing Zachariah.

After John is returned to his own time, events return to normal, erasing the alternate timeline Zachariah from existence.

Powers and Abilities[]

As an angel, Zachariah was one of the more powerful supernatural entities to exist.

  • Biokinesis - He used this to torture Sam for information by choking him.
  • Immortality - Being an angel, he could not die unless killed.
  • Teleportation - He could teleport from Heaven to Earth.
  • Temporal Awareness - Although it took some effort, Zachariah was able to figure out the Sam and Dean had altered the timeline.




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