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Believe me, I had no interest in popping down here into one of these smelly things.
Zachariah describing his disgusted disdain for possessing his Vessel to Dean
in It's a Terrible Life

This unnamed man served as the vessel of the angel Zachariah.


Season 4[]

In It's A Terrible Life, Zachariah first appears possessing this man under the name Mr. Adler to pose as Dean Winchester's boss at Sandover Bridge and Iron to get him back on track as the Righteous Man after he loses faith after his encounter with Alastair. Zachariah shows disdain at having to possess the man calling him a "smelly thing" but finding it necessary to interact with Dean. This indicates that Zachariah only took the man as a vessel very recently. Indeed, he may have taken his form for the first time just to interact with Dean and put him in the situation he did given his comments.

Season 5[]

In the episode Dark Side of the Moon, while in Heaven, Zachariah appears in the form of his vessel though he tells Sam and Dean that this is actually the form they merely perceive him in since his true form is too much for their human minds.

In a final confrontation in Point of No Return, Zachariah is killed by Dean stabbing an angel blade through his head and his vessel dies with him. The body of the vessel is last seen in the Green Room as Michael descends and disappears afterwards and is never seen again.

Season 14[]

In Lebanon, in an alternate timeline created by the disappearance of John Winchester in 2003, Zachariah from this alternate timeline also uses this man as his vessel. During a confrontation with the Winchesters, both Zachariah and his vessel are killed by Sam with an angel blade. This timeline is subsequently erased when John Winchester returns to 2003 and sets history back on track.


Killed By[]

When Dean killed Zachariah with an angel blade through the head, his vessel was killed along with him.