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Zachariah's Henchmen was a group of angels that served Zachariah in the Apocalypse World.


After detecting the Nephilim Jack's use of power, Zachariah led this group of angels to attack Bobby Singer's colony. Zachariah ordered the angels to spread out and search for Jack and to kill everyone else. However, the hunters guarding the camp were prepared and began eliminating the attacking angels.

After Jack killed Zachariah, Bobby drew his attention to three more angels flying towards the colony. Jack sent out waves of energy from his palm, causing the angels to combust in mid-air, ending the attack.

Powers and Abilities[]

These angels appeared to be regular low-level angels with all the powers of ones.


They possessed all the weaknesses of a regular angel.



  • While only the angels combusted by Jack die on-screen, there is clearly the sound of angels dying in the background during the attack.