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The last person in the history of creation you want as your enemy is me. And I'll tell you why -- Lucifer may be strong, but I'm... petty.
Zachariah to Sam and Dean
in Dark Side of the Moon

Zachariah was a high ranking angel and the direct superior of Castiel and a direct subordinate of the archangels, but after the fall of Lucifer and Gabriel fleeing, he served Michael and Raphael. He had been alive for over 6 millennia. He came to Earth following Uriel's death and after his betrayal was revealed.

He introduced himself to Dean Winchester as being the direct superior of Castiel. Like many of his angelic siblings, he supported the release of Lucifer so that Michael could kill him and Earth could be made into a paradise. After Lucifer was freed, Zachariah was then given the task to force Dean to give Michael his consent to use his body. His failure to get Dean's consent caused his angelic siblings to ridicule him and made him despise the Winchester brothers. He was finally killed by Dean in his last attempt to get Dean's permission.


Season 4

Zachariah posing as Dean's boss

Zachariah makes his first appearance in It's A Terrible Life. After he removes the memories of Dean and Sam, he implants fake memories into them and makes them live a life as employees of the corporate world. Zachariah poses as Dean's boss after he and Sam killed the ghost haunting their workplace. He offers Dean a generous bonus and tells him of his great potential in the corporate world. Dean thanks him but rejects the bonus. Dean explains to Zachariah that the life of a Wall Street tycoon isn't meant for him. Zachariah smiles and responds, "Dean, Dean, Dean. Finally," and then he places two fingers on Dean's forehead restoring his memories. Dean immediately realizes that Zachariah is an angel. Zachariah introduces himself and tells Dean that he is Castiel's superior. He goes on to explain that he had no interest in coming down to Earth, but he felt it was necessary due to the incident with Uriel's betrayal so he could "get his ducks in a row". Dean then asks if the entire alternate reality was a hallucination. Zachariah answers that it wasn't a hallucination that the place and haunting were all real and that he only put Dean in the middle of the situation without his memories. When Dean asks why, Zachariah explains it was to prove to him that he became a hunter not because of his father or because God ordered for him to be rescued from Hell, but that the life of a hunter was in his blood. He goes on telling Dean that he will stop it. Dean asks to stop what, the Apocalypse, Lucifer, and demands he be specific. Zachariah tells Dean that he'll do everything he's destined to do. He lectures Dean about how most people live an insignificant life, while he gets to change things, save people, maybe even the world. He then tells Dean to stop whining about his life as a hunter for it is not a curse, it's a gift and there are plenty of worst fates than his. Then Zachariah finally asks Dean if he's with him and ready to be who he truly is.

Zachariah warns Chuck not to kill himself because he'll be resurrected

In The Monster at the End of This Book, after Chuck Shurley wakes up after having to see a horrible vision in his dreams, Zachariah asks if he saw it. A frightened Chuck asks who he is and Zachariah reveals his identity to the prophet. Chuck then asks what Zachariah wants. Zachariah responds by asking again if he saw it. Chuck nods and asks if the vision was true and if it was all really going to happen. He answers by asking Chuck if he's ever been wrong so far. When Chuck attempts to warn the Winchester brothers, he tells him not to and that if he tries he will stop him. Chuck then tells Zachariah that he's going to kill himself. Zachariah tells him to not to be over dramatic and that he would be resurrected if he did. When Chuck asks what he's supposed to do, Zachariah replies, "What you always do, write".

In Lucifer Rising, after Dean is teleported into a fancy room by Castiel, Zachariah arrives to greet him. Zachariah tries to get Dean to relax and offers him his favorite burger and even women that he's fantasized about having sex with. Dean refuses to give in and wants to hear what the plan is to stop Lilith. He explains to Dean that all the seals have been broken, but the last one will be different and only Lilith can break it. Since Dean has been told that he is the only one who can prevent the Apocalypse, he attempts to figure out how. Zachariah tells him to have faith, but when Dean questions why he should, he tells him because he swore his obedience to the angels before leaving.

Zachariah tells Dean that his destiny is to kill Lucifer.

When Dean realizes that he's trapped in the fancy room he attempts to break down the walls to escape. Zachariah appears behind Dean after learning that any damage done to the walls in the fancy room will be repaired. Dean demands to be let out, but Zachariah says that there are too many demons on the prowl and it's too dangerous. Dean accuses him of lying and says he wants to see Sam. When Zachariah says that's ill-advised, Dean demands to know why and also how he is going to kill Lilith. Zachariah gives in and tells Dean that he won't kill Lilith and that she will break the final seal. He also reveals that the angels don't want to stop Lilith and that they never did. When Dean asks why they would allow the Apocalypse to happen, Zachariah explains that it's because they'll win and then it'll be paradise on Earth. When Dean brings up the millions of humans that will die in war, he merely says it's necessary. Dean then looks at a statue but using his telepathy to read Dean's mind, Zachariah tells him not to hit him with the statue. Dean instead brings up Sam, saying that Sam won't allow Lilith to break the last seal. Zachariah merely smiles and says Sam has his own part to play in breaking the last seal. Zachariah tells Dean that he's still vital and that he will kill Lucifer. He goes on saying that when Dean wins, he will be rewarded. Dean then asks where is God in this plan. Zachariah replies, "God has left the building," before teleporting away.

Castiel paints a banishing sigil to displace Zachariah indefinitely.

Later, when Castiel decides to help Dean stop the Apocalypse and begins creating the angel banishing sigil, Zachariah appears. He asks Castiel what he thinks he's doing, but Castiel activates the sigil and banishes Zachariah. Castiel tells Dean that he won't be gone for long.

Season 5

Zachariah and his henchangels arrive to collect Dean.

In Sympathy for the Devil, after Dean and Sam learn from Chuck that Castiel was killed by the archangel, Zachariah and two other angels teleport inside Chuck's house. Zachariah tells Dean that playtime is over and that he needs to come with him. Dean angrily tells him to stay away from him, causing the angel to note Dean is upset. When Dean explains that it's because the angels started the Apocalypse, Zachariah corrects him and states that they let it happen, they didn't start it. He deflects the full blame on Sam and tells Dean that he had a chance to stop Sam and failed, but now they're on the same team again since both the brothers and the angels want Lucifer dead. When Dean refuses again to go with them, Zachariah angrily explains that they need to strike now before Lucifer finds his vessel and that Dean has the power to stop Lucifer, but he needs their help. Dean angrily tells them that he wants nothing from them. Zachariah begins to press on him to warn him about his rebellion but stops when he notices that Dean's hand is bleeding. Stating that it is an insurance policy in case the angels showed up, Dean reveals an angel banishing sigil and banishes Zachariah and his men, stating that it was a trick he learned from Castiel.

Zachariah tells Dean he will give Michael his consent.

When Dean and Sam go to Castle Storage in upstate New York to find Michael's sword, they find two dead demons. Zachariah then reveals that the angels implanted Chuck's vision about Michael's sword into Chuck. He explains that Dean is Michael's sword, his true vessel. When Dean refuses to be an "angel condom", Zachariah uses telekinesis to break Sam's legs. He tells Dean that he's tired of screwing around and that Michael will have his vessel, so the angels can have their general and lead the final charge. Dean then realizes that Zachariah is telling him this because Michael needs his consent to use his body. Zachariah has to confirm this and attempts to bribe Dean to say "Yes" by promising to heal Bobby, who stabbed himself with Ruby's knife, so he can walk again. Dean still refuses and says there has to be another way though Zachariah denies and gives him stage four stomach cancer and removes Sam's lungs. Zachariah demands for Dean to give in as the latter tells him to kill them, but he replies saying that he's just getting started. The two angels that accompanied Zachariah are then killed by Castiel. A shocked Zachariah asks Castiel how he is still alive. Castiel then asks him how did the Winchester brothers end up on an airplane after Lucifer was freed referring that only God had the power to do both these things as Zachariah is further shocked since he previously believed God left. Castiel then orders the scared Zachariah to undo what he did to the brothers, threatening him that he won't ask twice. Reluctantly, Zachariah heals the brothers and teleports away. To prevent him from further hounding the brothers, Castiel engraved Enochian Sigils on their ribs to cloak them from angels.

Zachariah sends Dean to an alternate future

In The End, Zachariah finds Dean and sends Dean forward five years into the future, where Croatoan Virus has infected humans on a wide scale. He appears next to Dean, inside a car that he hot-wired. Dean asks him how he found him. Zachariah tells him that the angels have been using extreme Christians to keep a look out for him. Dean demands that he be brought back to his time, but Zachariah tells him that he won't send him back until he spends three days in this future, where Dean has refused to let Michael use his body. Zachariah then teleports away. After learning that Sam said "Yes" to Lucifer, seeing his future self be killed by Lucifer, and talking with Lucifer, Zachariah appears again and brings Dean back to his own time. He tells Dean that only he can prove Lucifer wrong by saying "Yes" to Michael. He continues saying that if Dean gives his consent then they can strike down Lucifer before he gets to Sam and billions of people die. When Dean still refuses, Zachariah is greatly shocked by his refusal and attempts to make him say "Yes" by force. Before Zachariah could do anything, Dean is teleported away and saved by Castiel, to his fury.

In Dark Side of the Moon, after Dean and Sam are killed and the brothers reunite in Heaven, the ground begins to shake and a bright, white light appears. The brothers hide and eventually the ground stops shaking and the light disappears. When Castiel appears inside a television set, he tells the brothers to stay away from the light because the light is Zachariah and that he's looking for them. After being told by Castiel to find and speak with Joshua, an angel rumored to speak with God, the brothers travel through Heaven experiencing their happiest memories. Dean and Sam eventually start arguing over the fact that all of Sam's happiest memories were when he was away from him and their father, but they are interrupted by the appearance of white light. The brothers run into a forest and hide, while Zachariah himself appears in the forest. He snapped his fingers and makes night into day, he happily says all he wishes to do is send them back to Earth after he has a little fun with them first and when he's through with them, they'll begging to say "Yes" to Michael and Lucifer. The brothers soon learn that they can't outrun Zachariah in Heaven, but they are rescued by their old friend, Ash.

Joshua stops Zachariah from torturing the Winchester brothers and getting his revenge

After Ash finds the brothers a shortcut to the Garden, where Joshua resides, they leave Ash's Heaven and end up back in their childhood home. After being distracted by a sickly twisted version of their mother, the brothers are restrained by two angels and Zachariah appears behind their mother. To taunt the brothers, Zachariah kisses their mother's neck and calling her a "milf". Dean snidely tells Zachariah that he's still bald, to which Zachariah tells him that in his true form he has six wings and four faces, one of which is a lion, and that the only reason the brothers see him in the appearance of his vessel is because they are "limited". Zachariah snaps his fingers making the brothers' mother disappear and then begins punching Dean in the stomach. He angrily tells the two that he used to be "employee of month" when he used to walk down the halls of Heaven people would avert their eyes, and he had respect. He continues saying after being assigned them now everyone is laughing at him because he can't get a couple of "flannel-wearing maggots" to give their consent to Michael and Lucifer. Zachariah then says regardless of whether the brothers say "Yes" or "No", he's still going to torture them. He is then interrupted by Joshua, who tells him that he needs to speak with the Winchesters and that he must insist on this. Zachariah tells Joshua that he doesn't get to insist anything, but he replies that the boss does and that he's following his orders. Zachariah accuses him of lying, but Joshua responds that he wouldn't lie about this and adds that he can ignore him if he wants but eventually he will come back home and he knows how he is with that whole "wrath thing". Intimidated, Zachariah and the two other angels then teleport away, leaving the brothers with Joshua.


In Point of No Return, Zachariah is in a bar on Earth talking to a man named Stuart. They talk about how they both just got the "pink slip" as Zachariah (or Zach in this instant) rants about how his bosses care about results and that there's no personal loyalty. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and Stuart asks if it's an earthquake. Then a white light appears and a high-pitched sound can be heard and Zachariah answers, "No, my boss." While the sound causes glass to shatter and extreme pain to Stuart and the bartender's ears eventually causing their eyes to burst into flames, Zachariah seems to understand the sound as Michael speaks. He looks up into the light and says to get it over with and that he's ready to die. However, he is shown with a surprised look on his face after Michael offers him another chance, he says he'll do anything if he gives his old position and that he won't regret it. Michael allows this as Zachariah becomes pleased, he leaves the bar saying he's back in business.

After Castiel brings a resurrected Adam Milligan back to Bobby's house, Adam explains that Zachariah sent angels into Adam's Heaven and told him that he was going to brought back as he was chosen as Michael's sword and that they would kill Lucifer and as a reward he would be able to see his mother again. Later, when Adam falls asleep, Zachariah appears in his dream. He tells Adam that he can't pinpoint where he is and guesses that Dean and Sam have something to do with it, which Adam confirms. Zachariah reminds him that he can't trust Dean and Sam. Adam then says that the brothers had some things to say about him as well. Zachariah then says that Dean and Sam are not his family and that when things get bad they won't help him, they only care about saving one another. Zachariah then reminds him of his reward of seeing his mother again before Adam wakes up. The angels then retrieve Adam and take him to the fancy room that they took Dean before the last seal was broken.

Zachariah speaks to Adam.

Zachariah then appears before Adam, who is eating burgers and drinking beer in the fancy room, noting the similarity between him and Dean. Adam asks Zachariah if it's time for Michael to possess him. Zachariah tells him that he is not the chosen one, but more like a "clammy scrap of bait". Adam becomes furious so Zachariah explains that the angels didn't have a choice because the Winchesters' one weakness is family, which will bring Dean to them in the brothers' attempt to rescue him. Adam says he won't allow him to do this, but Zachariah replies that he will still get to see his mother again, which Adam doesn't believe. Zachariah then gets annoyed with Adam and causes him to spit out blood.

Zachariah's corpse

After Castiel killed one of the angels protecting the fancy room and banished the other four angels along with himself with a blood seal, Dean and Sam find a weakened Adam on the floor. When Adam tells Dean it was a trap, Zachariah teleports in front of the two of them. Sam tries to kill him with an angel blade from behind, but Zachariah disarms him and telekinetically throws him across the room. Zachariah then makes Adam spit out blood causing him to fall to the ground and soon does the same to Sam. He tells Dean that he learned he should have listened to his boss as he makes Dean see his brothers in pain. He then asks Dean if he now sees that there's no other choice. Dean tells Zachariah to stop hurting his brothers and that the answer is "Yes" and to call down Michael. Smiling, Zachariah performs a chant to summon Michael. As the ground begins to shake, Dean tells Zachariah that he has some conditions such as people to be protected. Zachariah tells him to make a list but is stunned when one of the conditions is that Michael must destroy Zachariah. Zachariah asks Dean if he really thinks Michael will do this, but Dean asks who's more important to Michael between the two of them. Zachariah then grabs Dean by his shirt and says Michael won't kill him. Telling Zachariah, "maybe not, but I am," Dean then pulls out a hidden angel blade and stabs Zachariah from below the jaw and pushes the blade through his head, killing him. After Michael arrives and Dean and Sam leave the fancy room, Adam and Zachariah's corpse are taken away.

Season 13

During Good Intentions, an alternate reality version of Zachariah appears and is a subordinate to Michael. This version of him was killed by Jack.

In Let the Good Times Roll, while talking with the Apocalypse World Michael, Dean flashes back on Zachariah telling him that Dean is the Michael Sword, Michael's true vessel.

Season 14

In Lebanon, in an alternate timeline created by the disappearance of John Winchester in 2003, the Winchesters encounter an alternate version of Zachariah and Castiel, surprising them by the appearance of their old enemy. In the fight that follows, the alternate Zachariah is killed by Sam with an angel blade.

Season 15

In Inherit the Earth, Dean killing Zachariah with an angel blade is included in the flashback sequence at the end.


I was on the fast track once. Employee of the month, every month, forever. I'd walk these halls and people would avert their eyes! I had respect! And then they assigned me you! Now look at me. I can't close a deal on a couple of pathetic, flannel wearing maggots? Everybody's laughing at me. And they're right to do it.
— Zachariah to Sam and Dean.
in Dark Side of the Moon

Zachariah becomes unhinged at failing in his duty.

Zachariah, like many of his angel brethren, looks down on humans, describing them as "smelly things". In his first appearance, he showed dislike at having to come down to Earth and possessing a human. Despite this, he proved himself to know a great deal more about humanity than his subordinates. Zachariah has even acted much more human than other angels, with his sharp wit and cheerful exterior, he was able to easily converse with humans without them noticing something wrong with him. Most angels, with a prominent example being Castiel, are either unable to grasp social concepts or simply don't know how to talk normally. Zachariah never had any of these problems. He also showed that he's an extremely proud being and one to be easily angered when his fellow angels ridiculed him for not being able to get Dean to give his consent to Michael.

Zachariah was also cruel when pushed, although preferring to appear a nice person, when angered or annoyed he had no qualms with destroying, torturing or killing to get his point across. When Dean repeatedly refused to say yes to Michael, Zachariah became considerably darker and more cruel to the point of torturing the brothers by removing their organs to get their consent, to play the roles Heaven wanted them to.

Zachariah possesses a great deal of arrogance and callousness due to his power and status. He believed that he was better than humans and didn't even care that billions could die in the Apocalypse. He believed that Sam and Dean should fulfill their roles and didn't care what it took to get them to say "Yes." His arrogance proved to be his downfall several times:

  • He believed he had Dean trapped in the The Green Room and didn't foresee Castiel rebelling.
  • He was sure of himself that he had Sam and Dean where he wanted when the Apocalypse started and he confronted them, he was shocked when Dean revealed he had an angel banishing sigil set-up and didn't have time to react before being banished.
  • He tortured Sam and Dean at their father's storage unit to get Dean's consent, while being sure that he had the Winchesters where he wanted them but did not expect Castiel to be resurrected and to save them or learn God was still around.
  • After bringing Dean back from an Alternate world, he was confident his act would convince Dean to consent but was surprised it didn't. He advanced on him and voiced he had him before the latter was rescued by Castiel.
  • While in Heaven, he had the dead Winchesters trapped but was interrupted by Joshua who used the threat of God's wrath to force him to retreat.
  • He believed he was so important that Michael wouldn't kill him, even if it was necessary to get a "Yes" from Dean. This proved to be his downfall as he got so close to Dean, it allowed Dean to kill him.
  • In an alternate timeline, he made a similar mistake, getting into Sam's face to taunt him which let Sam kill that Zachariah.

Physical Appearance

Zachariah's human vessel is a man in his fifties. He is always seen wearing a suit, this reflects his high ranking position in Heaven. His true form is very powerful, describing it as having four faces, one of which is lion, and six gigantic feathered wings.[1] As shown with Dean and Sam, humans with "limited" imaginations will see him as his human vessel even if they are in Heaven.

Powers and Abilities

As a high tier angel, Zachariah possessed a great amount of power. "Falling" did not seem to affect him in any visible way. He was more powerful than humans, monsters, and most demons. He is one of the strongest angels to appear in the series as he mentioned before that he was the "employee of the month" of Heaven and gained respect from other angels.[2]

  • Apporting - Zachariah was able to transport Dean Winchester to the Green Room without much effort. He did the same to Adam Milligan to himself without physically getting him once he knew of his location.
  • Biokinesis - Zachariah can afflict humans with any ailment or sickness he says, i.e. causing internal bleeding, implanting hemorrhages, and removing lungs.[3]
  • Dream Walking - He was able to enter the dreams of humans. He went into a dream of Adam's as an alternate way to find him.
  • Chronokinesis - Zachariah is able to send himself and other forwards or backwards in time.
  • Healing - He could heal wounds, unlike lower angels he could do so without touching them, he used this to heal Dean and Sam after torturing them with both illness and injury.
  • Immortality - Like any angel could live forever, not subject to disease and old age, he was thousands of years old when he died.
  • Invulnerability - Zachariah is invulnerable to anything earthly and can only be hurt or wounded by supernatural means.
  • Limited Cosmic Awareness - Being an angel and also a high-tier angel, Zachariah had a great understanding and vast knowledge of the universe.
  • Localization - Zachariah can find any human being on Earth given they are not warded with Enochian sigils.
  • Memory Manipulation - Zachariah could remove others memories, implant false ones or return them.
  • Possession - Zachariah finds possessing humans disgusting and only possessed one because Michael commanded him to.
  • Regeneration - Zachariah can heal his vessel from any earthly injuries, but an angel blade can harm and kill him.
  • Resurrection - Zachariah can raise the dead without the assistance of Heaven. He did so with Adam Milligan.
  • Reality Warping - Zachariah was able to alter reality to some extent. He could transform a falling to pieces office in an abandoned muffler factory in Van Nuys into a Green Room.[4] While in Heaven, he could change it from night to day with a snap of his fingers.
  • Supernatural Perception - Zachariah is able to perceive angels in there true form.
  • Super Strength - Although preferring not to get his hands dirty, he's more than able to overpower humans, monsters, lesser angels, and demons.
  • Super Stamina - Zachariah never tires, calling himself as "petty". He sought the Winchesters persistently until he caught them.
  • Smiting - Zachariah smote the demons at John's Lock-Up.
  • Teleportation - Zachariah can teleport anywhere that isn't sigil-protected.
  • Telepathy - Similar to Archangels, he seems able to judge a person's feelings by thought, maybe even being empathetic. He sensed that Dean was thinking of smashing a bust over him.
  • Telekinesis - Zachariah can fling and catapult people around with his mind.


Harming, Misleading and Trapping 

  • Enochian sigils - Zachariah cannot locate humans if they are warded by enochian sigils.

Banishing or Destroying 


Killed By

As Zachariah attempted to force Dean to say "yes" to the archangel Michael, Dean told Zachariah that he had a list of conditions that Michael had to meet before he would say "yes", the first of which was that Michael kills Zachariah. Enraged by Dean's taunts, Zachariah got up in Dean's face, allowing Dean to stab Zachariah through the head with an angel blade, killing him.



  • Zachariah is the first angel on the series killed by a being other than another angel, in this case, Dean Winchester. He is also the first of two killed by Dean. This is in spite of Uriel's claim that only an angel can kill another angel. This is a rare case of an angel being killed by a human, a situation that is only replicated a few times following it.
  • Interestingly, despite his disdain for humanity, Zachariah is one of the most human angels on the series. Very few other angels have displayed humanity on this level including Gabriel, who has been on Earth for thousands of years as well as Balthazar and Naomi.
  • Kurt Fuller accepted the role thinking Zachariah was a protagonist, having grown tired of playing antagonists. It was not until he read the script for the character's third appearance that he realized Zachariah was indeed an antagonist but was content with the role; he enjoyed playing the character.
  • In his first encounter with Dean, Dean threatens to stab Zachariah in the face. When Dean kills Zachariah, he does so by stabbing him through the head with an angel blade.
  • Zachariah stated that he had become employed under heaven 5 or 6 millennia ago, equivalent to 5,000 or 6,000 years.
  • Zachariah's alternate reality self chose a younger and fitter vessel than this version of Zachariah did.
  • Zachariah has been killed three times on the series by three different characters: the main timeline Zachariah was killed by Dean in Point of No Return, the alternate reality Zachariah was killed by Jack in Good Intentions and an alternate timeline Zachariah was killed by Sam in Lebanon.
  • Both times Zachariah was killed by a Winchester, he made the mistake of taunting them and then getting right in their faces, allowing them to kill him with an angel blade.
  • In the alternate timeline, Zachariah shows a good grasp of popular culture, unlike most angels. He makes references to Constantine, Star Wars and Back to the Future.
  • Interestingly, the fact that Zachariah had four faces, including a lion's face, and six wings, means that his true appearance fits that of a Biblical cherub as opposed to the cherubs in Supernatural


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