This unnamed young girl was a part of Bobby Singer's colony in Apocalypse World.


At some point during the Apocalypse, she joined Bobby Singer's colony. After Mary Winchester and the Nephilim Jack arrived in the colony, Jack used his powers to create illusions in order to entertain the children. Sitting next to Jack, she watched his actions with awe.

The next morning Zachariah led an attack on the colony. In the midst of the chaos, she was found cowering in fear against a rock by Mary. As Mary rushed to take her to safety, Zachariah showed up and demanded that Mary hand over Jack. Mary ordered the girl to run which she did as Mary turned to face Zachariah. Shortly thereafter, the colony was saved when Jack killed Zachariah and the last three angels.

It is unknown if she survived long enough to take part in the exodus months later or died somewhere along the way.


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