The Yokoth and Glythur Summoning Spell was a spell to summon the gods Yokoth and Glythur through a rift from an alternate reality.


In 1925, rogue Man of Letters Diego Avila decided to cleanse the world and bring a new paradise after having gone insane from his experiences in World War I. To this end, he opened a rift to Yokoth and Glythur's universe and summoned Yokoth who killed him and most of the Men of Letters present. The survivors bound Yokoth and sealed the rift before she could summon Glythur.

In 2018, Yokoth performed the spell to summon Glythur and take Dean Winchester as his vessel. Though she nearly succeeded, the rift was once again sealed by Ophelia Avila, returning Yokoth and Glythur to their universe.


The summoner must open a rift to Yokoth and Glythur's world. Once the rift is open, they must recite the incantation

Insanidox, koth munto, Yokoth or Insanidox, koth munto, Glythur depending on which god they are summoning.

Once the spell is complete, the god will emerge from the rift in the form of giant tentacles and can possess a waiting vessel to manifest on Earth.


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