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We have consumed most of our universe.

Yokoth and Glythur's World was an alternate reality ruled over by the gods Yokoth and Glythur.


Unlike the Main Universe, this alternate reality is ruled over by two ravenous gods, Yokoth and Glythur. The two gods are known to have children Yokoth refers to as Faceless Hordes. The two gods consumed most of their universe which is indicated to include entire galaxies by Yokoth's title of "ravager of galaxies."

In 1925, insane rogue Man of Letters Diego Avila decided to open a rift to this universe and summon Yokoth and Glythur to have the two gods cleanse the Earth in order to bring a new paradise. Though Diego succeeded in bringing Yokoth into the Main Universe in the vessel of Sandy Porter, she consumed Diego and most of his followers before the survivors sealed the rift and bound Yokoth, trapping Glythur in his own world. Unable to kill Yokoth, the survivors and their descendants kept her bound within the chapter house the ritual took place in.

In 2018, after the Winchesters inadvertently released Yokoth, she reopened the rift into her world and attempted to summon Glythur into the body of Dean Winchester. Though Glythur partially emerged into the Main Universe, Ophelia Avila managed to close the rift, sending Glythur back into his own world. As he went, Glythur dragged Yokoth into the rift with him, returning Yokoth to this world as well.

In Galaxy Brain, God began destroying all other universes and was nearly finished by Destiny's Child. It is unknown if this world was destroyed or is currently still intact.

It was subsequently destroyed by God in his effort of destroying the entire Multiverse.

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Yokoth (deceased)
  • Glythur (deceased)
  • Faceless Hordes (mentioned only, deceased)



  • Dean also calls this world Tentacle Porn Land.
  • The rift opened to this world is a purplish color rather than the regular golden color despite being created using the same ritual the Winchesters use to open a rift to Apocalypse World.