Yokoth is a goddess from another reality.


In 2018, Yokoth pretends to be Sandy, as she is found and released by hunters Sam and Dean Winchester.

Meanwhile, Sam is captured by Marco and Ophelia Avila who reveal to him the truth of Yokoth and how their family was guarding it. At that moment, Dean was captured by Yokoth who brings him to the bunker she was held in for a century.

When Dean woke up, Yokoth explained that the real Sandy had been dead for a long time and revealed her true name. She explained her past as god from another world and her mate Glythur was trapped there after she came through. She reveals she has abducted Dean so she could reopen the rift between universes and have Glythur take his body as his vessel for them to devour the world. Dean protests this but Yokoth silences him as she succeeds in reopening the rift and performed a Summoning Spell for Glythur.

She watches with a glee as Glythur's tentacles emerged through the rift and attempted to latch onto a horrified Dean who struggles to dodge the tentacles, despite being chained down. After Glythur's tentacles started to wrap around him to hold him down, Yokoth anticipated her reunion with him though Sam arrived with Marco and Ophelia Avila and attacked Yokoth. As Yokoth was distracted, Dean managed to free his right hand, snatch the Seal of Solomon from and toss it to Ophelia who uses the seal to reverse the spell.

Yokoth is dismayed that Glythur was prevented from entering. However, this turns into fear as Glythur uses his tentacle to drag Yokoth back to their world, as she screams before the rift closes behind her.

Powers and Abilities

Yokoth is an incredibly powerful goddess from an alternate reality.

  • Possession - Yokoth needed a vessel to manifest in the Main Universe. She possessed the body of Sandy Porter.
  • Immortality - As a goddess, she was immortal. After living in the Main Universe for nearly a century, her vessel had not aged at all.
  • Indestructibility - Yokoth could not be killed with even nearly a century of trying failing to find a weakness. Being shot simply distracted her for a moment and caused no visible harm.
  • Super Strength - Yokoth was incredibly strong, stronger than any of the humans who fought her.
  • Biokinesis - Yokoth was able to prevent Dean Winchester from being able to talk when she got tired of hearing him simply by putting her finger to his lips and shushing him.
  • Portal Creation - Using a ritual, Yokoth was able to open a rift into her own universe.


  • Magic - Yokoth was able to be bound using chains etched with spellwork.
  • Higher Beings - Glythur was effortlessly able to pull her back into their universe, despite her protests.


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