Yokoth is a god from another reality.


Powers and Abilities

Yokoth is an incredibly powerful god from an alternate reality.

  • Possession - Yokoth needed a vessel to manifest in the Main Universe. She possessed the body of Sandy Porter.
  • Immortality - As a goddess, she was immortal. After living in the Main Universe for nearly a century, her vessel had not aged at all.
  • Indestructibility - Yokoth could not be killed with even nearly a century of trying failing to find a weakness. Being shot simply distracted her for a moment and caused no visible harm.
  • Super Strength - Yokoth was incredibly strong, stronger than any of the humans who fought her.
  • Biokinesis - Yokoth was able to prevent Dean Winchester from being able to talk when she got tired of hearing him simply by putting her finger to his lips and shushing him.
  • Portal Creation - Using a ritual, Yokoth was able to open a rift into her own universe.


  • Magic - Yokoth was able to be bound using chains etched with spellwork.


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