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Wyld is a goddess created during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois.


Wyld is created during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois by the Mythmaker Renee Mendez. She manages to get five men and women to worship her.

As Adamantine walks away from a frozen yoghurt shop, she apparently senses Wyld nearby and makes her way down the street towards Wyld, accompanied by her priest Geoffrey Ramsey. Finally, Adamantine arrives across the street from Wyld and her worshippers and they face off against each other, stepping into the street with Wyld ordering her worshippers to remain behind when they try to follow her. With cars stopping to avoid them, Adamantine and Wyld meet in the middle of the street where they perform the ritual of introducing themselves and announcing that in the end, there will be One.

After a moment to take the measure of her opponent, Wyld sweeps the tip of her spear up towards Adamantine's throat, immediately going for a killing strike. However, Adamantine blocks the blow with her gauntleted forearm, preventing Wyld from injuring Adamantine who receives not even a mark on her gauntlet from the attack. With Wyld's attack blocked, Adamantine slams her left palm into Wyld's chest and electrocutes her, causing Wyld to release such a powerful roar that everyone nearby is left in agony, headlights pop and windshields crack.

Wyld's roar forces Adamantine to release Wyld and clap her hands over her ears, ending Wyld's electrocution and leaving behind patches of singed, smoldering fur and a black scorch mark the shape of a handprint burned into the shoulder of Wyld's vest. Once Adamantine lets go of her, Wyld stops her roar, but is left in apparent pain as is using it has damaged her throat. With Adamantine still stunned by the sonic attack, Wyld lunges forward with the intention of stabbing Adamantine between the shoulder blades with the tip of her spear. However, Adamantine senses the attack coming, spins around and swings her gauntlet upwards in a swift vicious arc, knocking the spear aside.

Wyld staggers to the left from the strike and Adamantine allows the force of the strike to spin her around so that she can attack with the gauntlet once again. Adamantine sinks the claws of her gauntlet into Wyld's left shoulder and electrocutes her again, causing Wyld to release another ear-shattering roar. However, this one is not as strong as the first roar. As Wyld roars, her followers pray to her, attempting to give Wyld the strength to beat Adamantine with no luck. Wyld's continuing roar damages her vocal cords and her voice cracks and blood starts coming out of the corner of her mouth. Despite the pain Wyld's roar continues to cause her, Adamantine continues her electrocution of Wyld who shudders and jerks with tendrils of smoke rising from her fur and curling from her mouth as if she is cooking on the inside.

Finally, Wyld receives so much damage from the electrocution that her roar loses its power and becomes little more than a kitten's mewling. Adamantine yanks her gauntleted fingers out of Wyld's shoulder with a swift, savage motion, rending flesh and sending gouts of blood flying into the air. Wyld collapses to the ground, breathing hard and eyes half-lidded, only barely hanging onto consciousness. Stating that "in the end there shall be One," Adamantine takes Wyld's spear from her hands and stabs the spear through Wyld's chest and into her heart, causing Wyld to shriek. Wyld tries to pull the spear out of her chest, but Adamantine leans forward and puts all of her weight behind the weapon and Wyld is unable to stop her. A few moments later, Wyld dies and transforms into a sphere of white light that flies into Adamantine, healing her injuries and giving the other goddess Wyld's power. Though Wyld's spear tries to do the same, Adamantine manages to prevent the spear from becoming part of the sphere and keeps it as a trophy instead.

With Wyld dead, three of her followers join Adamantine, but two refuse to do so. In response, Adamantine kills them both. After arriving in town shortly afterwards, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester investigate the aftermath of Adamantine and Wyld's battle and realize from eyewitness reports that they are dealing with gods fighting in town.

Following her victory over Wyld, Adamantine keeps Wyld's spear as her own and uses it as a weapon in her following battles with other gods. The spear enables Adamantine to easily defeat Masque and she wields it against Paeon in their final battle. After having much of their power stripped by Renee, Paeon grabs Wyld's spear, thinking it is Adamantine's weapon and attacks her with it. However, Adamantine reveals that the true reason she kept the spear was to act as a diversion so that other gods would think that it was the weapon with which she could be killed instead of her gauntlet. Adamantine is able to take advantage of this fact to kill Paeon while he is distracted by his presumed victory.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wyld is extremely tall, especially compared to her worshippers. Her arms and legs are thickly muscled, her chest and shoulder broad. She wears a brown leather vest, laced with a closed-in back. Her shorts are made of the same leather and end halfway down her thighs. Wyld carries a white spear that looks as if its been carved from bone.

Wyld is covered in golden fur from head to toe and her hands and feet end in wicked-looking claws. Her head and face look more cat-like than human and the only hair she has is the fur that covers her skull. Geoffrey Ramsey's impression of Wyld is a lioness that suddenly decided to walk on two legs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wyld is a mildly powerful goddess.

  • Life Force Draining - Wyld is capable of draining life force from her own followers to make herself stronger.
  • Super Strength - As a goddess, she is stronger than regular humans.
  • Sonic Roar - Wyld is capable of unleashing a roar so powerful and painful that it harmed even Adamantine, another goddess causing her ears and nose to bleed while proving similarly debilitating to humans. The roar caused nearby headlights to shatter and windshields to crack from the force of it. However, using this power has a damaging effect on Wyld's throat, especially after an extended period of use.
  • Invulnerability - As a goddess, she is invulnerable to most forms of harm and could only be killed by her own spear. However, electrocution by her fellow goddess Adamantine through her silver gauntlet is extremely damaging to Wyld, leaving her nearly lifeless on the ground before Adamantine uses Wyld's own spear to kill her.


  • Electrocution - Wyld is shown to be vulnerable to electrocution, suffering intense agony when Adamantine merely electrocutes Wyld through her hand. When combined with an injury inflicted by Adamantine's gauntlet, Wyld suffers serious injury from an electrocution.
  • Divine Weapons - As a god, Wyld can only be seriously harmed and killed by divine weapons.
    • Adamantine's silver gauntlet - The gauntlet is able to cause significant damage when dug into Wyld's shoulder, especially when combined with an electrocution.
    • Her Own Spear - Wyld can only be killed by an injury from her own spear.


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