Woodchipper, that-that pretty much trumps... everything.
— Rufus to Bobby (on his Ōkami kill using a woodchipper)
in Weekend at Bobby's

A Woodchipper is a device generally used to grind wood into chips.


During a weekend in which hunter Bobby Singer is trying to break his deal with Crowley, his neighbor Marcy Ward asks him to fix her woodchipper while flirting with him.

Later that night, an Ōkami attacks Marcy. During the fight that follows, Bobby is able to kill the monster by shoving it through Marcy's woodchipper. Bobby is surprised due to it supposedly being broken, but Marcy, who got splattered with the creature's blood, admits that it was just a way of flirting with him. Traumatized by the event, Marcy ends her attempts to date Bobby.

When Rufus Turner later calls him, Bobby smugly tells the man that he killed the Ōkami by sending it through a woodchipper. Impressed, Rufus admits that the woodchipper "beats about anything."

After killing two people while searching for Annie Jones, Celia leaves her son Dale behind to dispose of their bodies through a woodchipper near their nest. When the Winchesters arrive at the nest, they find Dale just finishing up and realize what he is doing after seeing a hand go through the woodchipper.


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