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Wood Nymphs are a powerful supernatural species and type of fairy closely affiliated with forest and woodland areas.


Wood Nymphs are generally friendly and benevolent. According to Mrs. Butters, young Wood Nymphs play around the woods, as depicted in mythology; apparently, older Wood Nymphs don't do that, as she described it as "a young ones' game". If their home and family are attacked, they can become violently hostile to the point of murderous. At least one Wood Nymph was willing to "adopt" a group of humans as her family after she was told she cannot return to her homeland.



Powers and Abilities[]

  • Magic - Mrs. Butters’ magic was used by Cuthbert Sinclair to give extra empowerment to the Men of Letters bunker. It glows green when she uses it.
    • Conjuration - Mrs. Butters instantly created a bouquet of flowers for Sam to bring to his date.
    • Potioncraft - Mrs. Butters brewed a weakness potion to Jack drink, disguised as smoothies.
  • Electrokinesis - Mrs. Butters used her power to give the Men of Letters bunker an "extra oomph", powering the entirety of the bunker's performance capabilities.
    • Electronics Repair - Mrs. Butters was able to repair Dean's smashed TV, presumably through magic of some kind.
    • Technopathy - Mrs. Butters is capable of extracting data from electronic devices through her fingers (although, this was possibly due to her connection to the bunker).
  • Hibernation - Mrs. Butters was able to put herself in "standby mode" along with the bunker for decades. She transforms into a green mist when uses this power.
  • Clairsentience - Upon looking at Jack, Mrs. Butters was able to feel he is not a human.
  • Healing - Mrs. Butters healed Sam's torn nails before she left.
  • Shapeshifting - Mrs. Butters is able to transform between her true nymph form and human form. She is also able to transform just her eyes without transforming fully. In the shape of a nymph, Mrs. Butters' eyes are a bright green color.
  • Super Strength - Mrs. Butters possesses strength greater than that of a normal human. She easily ripped a Thule member's head off with her bare hands.
  • Telekinesis - Mrs. Butters tossed a weakened Jack away using telekinesis, and later, using that ability, she stopped Sam from firing his weapon against her and constrained him to a chair. Later, she telekinetically flung Sam, Dean and a weakened Jack, knocking them down.
  • Teleportation - Mrs. Butters was able to teleport out of the supernaturally warded Men of Letters bunker.



Known Wood Nymphs[]