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The Wizard of Oz was an evil witch and the dark side of Clive Dylan who wanted to rule the Land of Oz.


When Clive Dylan found the Key to Oz, he traveled there, leaving the Key behind on Earth and was thus trapped in Oz. While in Oz, Clive was kidnapped by a coven of evil witches who used the Inner Key of Oz to split Clive into his good and dark sides, creating the Wizard of Oz out of Clive's dark side. The Wizard was evil and power hungry, slaughtering the coven and desiring rule of Oz for himself. Eventually, Clive was rescued by L. Frank Baum, but the Wizard stayed behind in Oz. When Dorothy Baum and Charlie Bradbury traveled to Oz to free it from evil control after killing the Wicked Witch, the Wizard took advantage of the situation to gain power: when the rebels were losing the war, he offered to split Charlie into her good and dark halves like he was to win. Dark Charlie single-handedly won the war, committing horrible acts in the process as the Wizard finally achieved the power he wanted, becoming the new leader of Oz with Dorothy. After Clive learned of what was happening from Good Charlie and Sam Winchester, he fatally shot himself so the Wizard would be wounded as well and would have to come to Earth to heal Clive as the Key was broken and the Winchesters and Charlie couldn't travel to him. The Wizard was enraged by Clive's actions as he counted on Clive to remain alive. When Sam tried to shoot him, the Wizard magically bound Sam and started to choke him to death. At Clive's pleading and with no other choice, Good Charlie shot Clive dead, killing the Wizard. Sam was then able to use the Inner Key which the Wizard kept on his belt to reunite the two Charlie's. While Charlie could no longer return to Oz and help Dorothy, she was content that Dorothy and Oz were now safe with the Wizard dead.


The Wizard of Oz appears.

Powers and Abilities

The Wizard of Oz was a very skilled and powerful magician.

  • Spell Casting: The Wizard was able to cast a spell to travel from Oz to Earth and to magically bind Sam Winchester.
  • Telekinesis: The Wizard able to pull the gun from Sam's grasp with just a hand gesture and knock him to the ground.
  • Biokinesis: The Wizard was able to interrupt Sam's breathing from a distance by use of a choking gesture.
  • Immortality: As the dark side of the Man of Letters Clive Dylan, it is supposed that the Wizard learned magical ways to prolong his own life and youth, and was over 100 years old though he didn't look it at all, instead looking the age he was when he and Clive were split. However, his immortality was conditional, as he could die if struck by a lethal blow (like a headshot).
  • Healing: While not demonstrated, Clive stated that the Wizard could heal them both of fatal wounds.

The Wizard demonstrating telekinesis and his binding spell.


  • Mortality: As a human, the Wizard could be killed by any mortal wound, though it was a hard task to accomplish given to his power.
  • Connection to Clive Dylan: As the dark side of Clive Dylan, the Wizard was physically connected to him and any wound one got, the other would get. If Clive was killed, then the Wizard would be as well.
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