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You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

This unnamed witch was the mother of Jacinda and Emily. Along with her daughters, she sought Rowena MacLeod's magical stash following her death.



At some point after Rowena MacLeod's death, and because of her reputation among witches, the Witch Mother and her daughters decided to seek out Rowena's magical stash for their personal use, but the curse cast by Rowena upon her apartment to protect it ended up killing Jacinda.

Later, the Witch Mother and Emily are seen scrying into Rowena's apartment, allowing them to see through Rowena's mirror. She then becomes particularly interested in the fact that Sam is left unharmed by the curse protecting the apartment.

She hides a hex bag in one of the wheels of Sam's car in order to subdue him when he returns from Rowena's apartment. Her plan works, and she expels Eileen's ghost, who was accompanying Sam back to his car, though not before Sam could ask her to return with Dean.

When Sam comes back to his senses, he is bound in a van along with the witch, who is preparing a spell, and a dark-haired girl, Emily, her other daughter, who is making a voodoo doll. The witch makes it clear to him that she has no intention to share the resurrection spell created by Rowena, which Sam found in her journals and brought with him from her apartment, telling him that she wants to use it to revive Jacinda. According to her, such a resurrection spell can only be used once, as Death would immediately close the loophole once she became aware of it. She then informs Sam of her plans for him : to either use him to loot Rowena's belongings and then give him a quick death, or to torture him slowly to death should he resist her orders.

She sends Sam and Emily off to Rowena's apartment. When they are about to leave the place with Rowena's magical belongings, the Witch Mother stumbles upon them, coerced at gunpoint by Dean, who is threatening her with witch-killing bullets. Jacinda's ghost attacks Dean and frees her mother; the latter proceeds to torture Sam with a spell when he takes the voodoo doll away from Emily. Eileen's ghost appears and pushes Jacinda away from Dean, allowing him to recover his weapon and kill Emily with a gunshot to the chest. The Witch Mother, shocked to witness her younger daughter's death, then turns her attention to Dean before she's finished with Sam, taking his gun away from him and torturing him with magic. Sam, however, tackles her to the ground, shoves a hex bag in her mouth that he made using supplies from Rowena's apartment, and recites a spell she had taught him, making the Witch Mother bleed out from her eyes and die.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Witch Mother banishes Eileen's ghost

The Witch Mother appeared to be a witch with mildly powerful abilities.

  • Spell Casting - As a witch, she could cast powerful spells, directly or through hex bags.
    • Ghost repelling spell - By reciting the words, Umbra, abi ("Shadow, go"), she expelled the ghost of Eileen Leahy from Sam's side.[1]
    • Scrying - She could spy on another person using a reflective surface, like a mirror.
    • Hexing - She hid a hex bag in the wheel rim of the Impala in order to take Sam down.
    • Telekinesis - After Dean shot and killed Emily, the Witch Mother disarms him with telekinesis.
    • Biokinesis and Torturing Spell - Using two different spells, she tortured Sam and then Dean. In the first spell, she targeted Sam by repeatedly chanting, Ad elicienda alvos. Ad elicienda alvos. Torto ventre.  Congelentur venae. With the second spell, with which she promised Dean to "grind [his] heart to dust", she chanted, Congelentur venae. Cor marcascatur et in thorace concidatur.[1] A translation of the enchantments makes it clear that she was targeting Sam's stomach, Dean's heart, and both men's veins. Both spells caused Sam and Dean severe pain, but not any irreversible damage, likely because she was interrupted both times.