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The Spell used on the witch Spencer.

The Witch Killing Spell allows someone to kill any malevolent witch.

Bobby's Witch Killing Spell[]

Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester learned of this spell from Bobby Singer, and successfully used it against the witch Spencer Wallis.


Chicken feet were used, among other ingredients, and had to be properly chilled, otherwise the spell would be rendered ineffective.[1]


Sam and Dean planned to use this spell against Don and Maggie Stark. The ingredients were mixed in a bowl, and followed by an incantation:

"Furor divina virtute in infernum eam detrude."  (Rough translation: "[By] the wrath of God's power, be thrust down to hell.") 

The contents of the bowl were lit on fire and white smoke appeared, but nothing happened because the chicken feet weren't chilled.[1]

The spell was also used against the witch Spencer Wallis. The contents for the spell were filled in a bottle which had a cloth stuffed at the neck. The incantation this time is:

"Ego voco impetu delere vos... coelum et infernum."  (Rough translation: "I summon the attack that can destroy you... from heaven and hell").

The cloth was set on fire and the bottle is thrown like a molotov. Spencer was killed by this variation of the spell.[2]


Once the spell hit Spencer Wallis, a swirl of smoke engulfed the witch as he implodes into a mix of blood and ash, and then vanishing. This spell, unlike the demon bomb, can affect only one individual "per hit", rather than every magic-wielder in the spell's radius.[2] The effects are similar to when someone is killed with molecular combustion without the witch exploding.


Sam was able to create witch-killing bullets by filling the potion into hollow-tip bullets. After its creation, witch-killing bullets become a common tool in the Winchester arsenal, used to threaten Rowena MacLeod and kill Sonja, Gideon, Catriona, Boyd Loughlin, the Borrower Witch, Broomhilda and Emily.

Sumerian Witch-Killing Spell[]

Rowena's Witch-killing Spell.gif

Another variant of this spell existed. It was used by Rowena after she mastered some spells in the Book of the Damned. The witch-killing spell required possession of the book where it was presumably from.[3]


Rowena placed her hand on the book and recited a Latin incantation:

"Vomicae, putramen, nex!"

And waved at her targets. After that, the body of her targets were reduced to blood and ash.[3]