This unnamed ghoul resided in Windom, Minnesota.


This ghoul fed of corpses in the town, but his actions led to a string of grave robberies detected by John Winchester. With the help of the town's deputy, Joe Barton, John was able to track and kill the ghoul responsible.

The ghoul was able to injure John, leading to John to arrive at a hospital where Kate Milligan worked. The two eloped and nine months later, Kate bore a son named Adam.

This ghoul's death drove his children to seek revenge against John, first by killing everyone connected to the case, including Joe, Adam, and then Kate. To their misfortune, John was dead by the time they intended to enact their revenge. Instead, this ghoul's children encountered John's other sons, Sam and Dean Winchester, who were able to kill them.



  • This ghoul's existence led to the conception of Adam Milligan, who later became the vessel for the archangel Michael. In a sense, this ghoul affected how The Apocalypse went down.
  • According to his children, he never ate the living.
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