These two unnamed demons impersonated the Winchesters to Kevin Tran on the orders of Crowley.

History[edit | edit source]

After capturing Kevin Tran, Crowley set him up in an illusion of Fizzles' Folly in order to trick Kevin into helping him. As part of the illusion, he had these two demons take on the form of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester to further manipulate Kevin.

One day, the imposters visit Kevin where he sprays them with what he believes to be holy water when they fail to perform the "secret knock." Stepping over the devil's trap on the floor, they spin a story about how they were able to raid one of Crowley's Earth-side operations for the second half of the demon tablet. Imposter Sam tries to get Kevin to dig up the other half of the tablet, but he refuses due to having all of his notes. The two depart, telling Kevin to lock up after them.

Emerging from the illusion, they resume their normal forms where Crowley is pleased to have learned that its three Trials to close the Gates of Hell. He also warns Imposter Sam about the slang he uses which belongs to Dean, not Sam.

The two imposters later sit in the illusionary houseboat while Kevin translates the tablet until he reveals he needs something to eat to keep going. He gives the "Winchesters" a grocery list which they agree to get for him and even agree to go to the place Kevin wants. Watching, Crowley notes that the two "aren't half bad" at playing Sam and Dean Winchester.

After they return, Kevin determines that he needs the other half of the tablet to find the Third Trial and agrees that they were right about getting it. After Imposter Dean asks for "the 10-20", Kevin tells them where to go.

While torturing Castiel, Crowley gets a call from Imposter Dean. Kevin is revealed to have seen through the deception and sent them on a wild-goose chase. The imposters end up in a warehouse with loud music playing and stuck under a devil's trap. Calling the demons "jackasses", Crowley tells them that they are ruining his streak.

When Crowley enters the illusion with Kevin, Kevin tells him that he started to suspect the truth about the imposters when they forgot the secret knock. However, it was ultimately that they were "too polite" by getting him a barbeque dinner that revealed their true nature to him. Kevin knew that the real Winchesters would've never done that for him, especially not with leftover burritos still in the fridge.

It is unknown what happened to the demons after Kevin was rescued by Metatron. Crowley may have released them from the devil's trap or killed them for their failure.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

These demons appeared to be regular low-level demons with the powers of ones.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

As regular low-level demons, they possessed all the weaknesses of ones.

  • Devil's Trap - Like all demons, they could be bound within a devil's trap.
  • Higher Demons - As regular low-level demons, they served higher demons such as Crowley.

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