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William Jasper's Farm is located in Carthage Missouri. It is where Lucifer chose to conduct his ritual to raise and ultimately unleash Death upon the world.

Season 5[]

In an attempt to kill Lucifer, Sam and Dean meet with Crowley after learning from Becky Rosen and Chuck Shurley that Bela Talbot had not given the Colt to Lilith as previously believed but had given it instead to Lilith's right-hand, the King of the Crossroads Demon - Crowley.

Crowley informs the brothers that Lucifer will be in Carthage Missouri on Thursday. After insulting the brothers Crowley teleports away suddenly after throwing the boys more ammunition for The Colt. Sam and Dean join with Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle and Castiel for the mission. During the investigation of the town, the brothers see numerous missing persons posters referring to all the women and children in the town. Castiel soon recognizes that there are dozens of Reapers and mentions that they only gather in times of great catastrophe or death.

Shortly afterwards, Lucifer traps Castiel in a ring of Holy Oil and interrogates him, and attempts to have Castiel join him so that they may rebel against God and release Death. Meg soon arrives with several hellhounds and warns the hunters to turn back or they will all die. In the ensuing confrontation, Jo is mauled by the hellhounds and shortly thereafter dies along with her mother Ellen taking the rest of the Hellhounds with them in a massive explosion of propane tanks filled with rock salt and iron nails.

Sam and Dean arrive at the farm just as Lucifer finishes covering up the bodies of all the women and children in a large mound of dirt. As Sam is talking to Lucifer Dean sneaks around to Lucifer's side and shoots him point blank in the forehead with The Colt. As it turns out, Lucifer is one of only five beings in all of Creation that cannot be killed by The Colt. Lucifer then summons the demon-possessed men of the town, recites an incantation killing the demons and the rest of the men in town, thus beginning the summoning ritual to release Death from his magical coffin. Death rises as Castiel escapes the Holy Oil and teleports the brothers away back to Bobby's house. Death rises as Lucifer greets him with "Well hello, Death".

Requirements to raise Death[]

  • Has to be on land which supported massive carnage.
  • The sacrifice of the town's demon possessed residence. Lucifer utilized the men, women and children. The demons possessed the town's men. The women and children were killed off earlier in either sacrifice or tribute to Death.