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William Foster is a member of the Donner Party who became a wendigo due to his cannibalism.


In 1846, Foster was a part of the Donner Party, a group of emigrants who got stranded near Donner Lake in the winter and slowly began to starve. Foster became part of the Forlorn Hope, a group of fifteen men that left in an attempt to get help and supplies and had begun to cannibalize those who died in a desperate attempt to keep from starving. Twenty-four days into the trek, Foster began to go insane with his hunger and to blame the Miwok guides for their plight. Eventually, rationalizing that the Miwoks weren't really people anyway, Foster began hunting them for days, killing both and eating them.

The Forlorn Hope later reached help and Foster returned with one of the rescue parties for his child. However, the child had already died and Foster had eaten at least six people by this time. According to records, Foster sickened and died 1879, but in actuality, his cannibalism caused Foster to transform into a wendigo. Foster spent much of his time as a wendigo hunting in the area around the Camp of Death where the Forlorn Hope had begun their cannibalism with newspaper records showing disappearances in the area going back 1879 which was also when the newspaper was founded.

In 2012, the once-again active Foster began targeting people who were in actuality the victims of the aswang Jason. Foster's actions inadvertently caused trouble for Jason's plans to reproduce since Foster was eating all of Jason's own meals. Jason managed to track Foster's lair to an old mine near Sawtooth Ridge, but proved to be no match for the wendigo who injured the aswang to the point that he was forced to retreat.

Foster's actions also drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer who recognized that they were dealing with a wendigo. While hunting it, the hunters located an old cabin that Foster was apparently using as one of his lairs which contained some of his personal belongings from when he was human, including his gold pocket watch and some pictures. Foster ambushed the hunters near the cabin, drawing them in using a woman's voice. Though Dean tried to kill Foster with a flamethrower, he was too fast and injured all three hunters. As he lifted Bobby into the air, Bobby blasted Foster in the face with his rifle, causing Foster to release him and allowing Sam to blast Foster with his shotgun. Dean took the opportunity to blast Foster with the flamethrower, but the edge of the fire had only caught Foster's arm before he took off faster than they could follow.

Based off of the possessions they recovered from the cabin, Bobby identified the wendigo they had faced as Foster. In order to stop Foster, the three hunters sought help at the Ace and Eights Saloon which was a hunter's bar, meeting Jason who was posing as a hunter as he was seeking help to get rid of Foster so that Foster would no longer interfere in his plans. Jason told the other hunters about his failed hunt against Foster three weeks earlier and offered to lead them to Foster's lair and help them kill him.

At the same time, Foster kidnapped a family of four camping near the Yuba River. After seeing an article about the disappearance, the hunters hurried back and were able to locate Foster's main lair in the mine where they found him starting to eat a young girl with the girl's parents hanging nearby along with the skull and spine of the girl's uncle who Foster had already eaten. Upon seeing the hunter, Foster dropped the child and raced after the Winchesters while Bobby took the opportunity to rescue the surviving members of the family.

Once outside, Sam and Dean engaged Foster with gunfire before firing up their flamethrowers. Foster dropped from the trees and hitting Dean so hard he flew fifteen feet and landed in a heap. Though Sam tried to get the wendigo with his flamethrower, Foster was able to avoid the fire with ease. As he circled Sam, Bobby snuck up behind Foster and tried to hit him with a Molotov cocktail. However, Foster heard it coming, sidestepped the projectile and barreled toward Bobby, missing a burst of fire sent by Dean. Foster slashed Bobby's stomach before being forced to dodge another Molotov from Jason, forcing Bobby to take cover. With yet another Molotov, Jason was able to set the ground under the wendigo on fire which Sam took advantage of to attack with his flamethrower, burning Foster's arm and forcing him to retreat into the trees.

That night, Foster stalked the hunters' camp, trying to draw them out by pretending to be a couple calling for help. However, the Winchesters and Bobby knew better than to fall for the trick, particularly as the Colorado Wendigo had done the same thing. When they failed to rush out, Foster approached directly, mimicking a woman's voice calling for help and pretending to be injured. When Bobby took a step forward, Foster rushed him, but Bobby dodged and successfully hit Foster with a Molotov. However, Foster fled back into the forest and extinguished the fire before it could kill him by rolling in the dirt. As the hunters watched the part of the forest the wendigo disappeared into, Foster dropped from above onto Sam's shoulders, but Sam was able to throw him off. However, Foster avoided the flamethrower blast Sam sent at him, jumping onto a tree branch and avoiding another blast sent at it by Dean.

As Foster landed near the campfire, Bobby threw another Molotov that set his arm on fire, but Foster was able to slap it out. Dean took advantage of the distraction to creep toward Foster who suddenly raced at Dean. However, instead of running away, Dean ran to meet him. As Foster slashed at him, Dean stabbed his Bowie knife into the wendigo's chest. Dean then shoved his flamethrower into the knife wound and pulled the trigger, setting Foster on fire from the inside. Howling in agony, Foster spun away from Dean and tripped into the campfire. Foster caught on fire and burned to ash, but Dean collapsed as Foster had hit him in the arm and severed his brachial artery. However, the group managed to get Dean to the hospital in time and he survived his injuries.

Though Foster was killed, his death had the unintended side-effect of giving Jason free reign to continue with his own killing spree and plans. After he was exposed as the aswang, Jason explained how Foster had been finding and eating all of his own victims, something that greatly angered the aswang.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a wendigo, Foster was a powerful monster.

  • Voice Mimicry - Wendigos can imitate the voices of humans to lure unsuspecting victims.
  • Immortality - Wendigos can live forever.
  • Super Speed - Wendigos possess inhuman speed, enough to move from one place to another in seconds. Wendigos are arguably one of the fastest monsters.
  • Superhuman Strength - Wendigos are incredibly strong, even by monster terms, they can tear humans limb from limb, snap necks and carry two people at once and even drag them up a tree with ease. They are considered to be among the strongest of monsters.
  • Superhuman Agility - Wendigos can jump from tree to tree without being deterred by the foliage.
  • Invulnerability - Wendigos are invulnerable to (albeit irritated by) normal knives and guns.
  • Claws - Wendigos have giant claws, which they use to hunt or to attack.
  • Super Senses - Wendigos possess enhanced senses, making them perfect hunters, they can see perfectly in darkness, and have similarly enhanced hearing.
  • Super Stamina - Wendigos possess stamina superior to that of humans, and tire less easily.


  • Fire - As a wendigo, he could only be killed by fire.



  • William Foster is based on the real William Foster who was a part of the Donner Party and as Bobby Singer stated, Forlorn's Hope.
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