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The Whore. She rises when Lucifer walks the Earth. 'And she shall come, bearing false prophecy.' This creature has the power to take a human's form, read minds. Book of Revelations calls her 'The Whore of Babylon.'
Castiel, quoting the Book of Revelation

The Whore of Babylon, a creature of Babylon, was an evil entity from Hell. Once she appeared, it was her job to damn all the people she could to Hell by convincing them to commit acts such as murder.

As a false prophet, she capitalized on peoples' devotion to God as a means to manipulate them into acts of depravity by naming pre-selected "sinners" in their ranks.


Season 5[]

The Whore depicted in a book.

She appeared in 99 Problems posing as pastor David Gideon's daughter, Leah.

As Leah, she claimed to be a prophet, and would "foretell" where the next demon attack was going to be, turning the town into a militia. She gave the townsfolk an "exorcism" to use to expel the demons, which she secretly controlled. Castiel, upon hearing the phrase, revealed it to be an Enochian phrase that meant "You breed with the mouth of a goat."

Upon discovering her true identity, Dean Winchester killed her using a stake made from the branch of a Cypress tree. He successfully killed her due to his status as Michael's true vessel, and therefore a true servant of Heaven, which was said to be the only thing that could kill her.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Whore's true face.

  • Shapeshifting - She could alter her form to resemble that of a human, such as when she impersonated Leah.
  • Invulnerability - She could only be killed by a stake made from a Cypress tree found in Babylon while it was wielded by a true servant of Heaven.
  • Telepathy - She could read the minds of others, which she used to enforce her status as a false Prophet.
  • Super Strength - She exhibited inhuman strength when fighting off Sam and Dean. However, she was weaker than common angels, as Castiel successfully restrained her and only released her when she started chanting an anti-angel spell.
  • Demon Control - She could command and control demons.
  • Telekinesis - She could move objects with just a thought, and would use this ability in combat, such as when she pushed Dean away from her when he discovered her identity.
  • Spell Casting - She knew of an Enochian spell that could harm angels. The phrase was "Pizid noco iad," which roughly translates to "Torment the servant of God."


The Whore killed by a Cypress stake

The following can harm or kill the Whore of Babylon:

  • Stake of a Cypress tree - The wood from a cypress tree can kill her if wielded by a true servant of Heaven, such as a holy angel or devout vessel.
  • Angels - Angels can easily restrain her as shown by Castiel but not kill her.



  • The Whore of Babylon resembles the False Prophet from the book of Revelation, as she pretended to be a prophet to manipulate the town she resided in.