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[[Category:Season 7 Villains]]
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[[Category:Strongest of Species]]
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Whitman Van Ness was a man who died alone and became a ghost in his home. There, he trapped other ghosts for his own amusement.


Season 7

While he was alive, Whitman Van Ness lost his fortune and let the house become a bordello. He later killed his fiancée on the eve of her wedding and framed his groundskeeper Dexter for the crime. After Whitman died, he became a ghost that haunted his old house and kept the ghosts of his victims around for amusement and to prolong his own existence. He was destroyed when Sam and Dean burned his bones as he was trying to destroy Bobby Singer for trying to put his victims to rest. Bobby and the ghost of Annie Hawkins locate Van Ness' victims and lead Sam and Dean to them, allowing the hunters to finally give his victims peace.[1]

Powers and Abilities

As a ghost, he naturally possessed all of the innate ghost powers. However, he was at least one of the most powerful ghosts to ever exist, and was thus extremely dangerous ghost as he possessed abilities not demonstrated by any other ghosts previously seen. 

  • Invisibility - He could only be seen when he so chose to, otherwise he could not be seen by humans, but could be detected by an EMF meter.
  • Super Strength - He proved to be able to physically deal with humans easily, he tossed and punched Sam and Dean around.
  • Intangibility - Like all ghosts, he was not physical and could walk through walls. As he was so powerful, he could stick his arm inside humans or even other ghost's bodies, initially causing them great discomfort, but eventually they fell dead.
  • Teleportation - Able to move from place to place in the blink of an eye
  • Telekinesis - Could move objects with his mind, he made the car Dean was driving speed up, and a door slam behind Annie.
  • Electronic Manipulation - Able to cause flash lights to flicker.
  • Draining - It appeared as though he has gained, through his "Zen" outlook on the afterlife, the ability to "drain" ghosts, similar in appearance and effect as to when Castiel absorbed the souls of Purgatory. This destroyed the ghosts and granted him greater power.



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