In the lore, it's referred to as a Whisper. Whisper have a fascinating history. They're -- they're... Actually, they were once believed to be in the bloodline of werewolves, but in fact, they're more similar to demons. They, uh, they got their nickname from how quiet their attacks are. Because of their stealthiness, they've, uh, lived on the fringes for centuries. Although there were several that were hunted and killed during the Salem Witch Trails... According to this, Whispers only feed during a solar eclipse.
Castiel, reading about Whispers
in Baby

Whispers are creatures mentioned by Castiel. Having similarities to both werewolves and vampires, they were given the nickname were-pires by Dean Winchester.


Whispers fed on hearts and blood during a solar eclipse. Because of this, they were thought to be in the bloodline of werewolves, but shared more qualities with demons. They were known for living in the fringes for centuries.


Their name derived from their stealth. Many whispers were hunted and killed during the Salem witch trials.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Stealth - Hence their nickname, Whispers have the ability to attack silently.
  • Invulnerability - Whispers are apparently invulnerable to most harm, as the lore noted that one must use either silver or decapitation to kill them, and that the formar may still won't kill them.


Silver will kill it, but you may want to decapitate it to be sure.
Castiel, about killing whispers
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  • Silver - Fatal wounds caused by silver can kill Whispers, although sometimes they may still survive.
  • Decapitation - Beheading a Whisper will kill it for sure, unlike silver that they may still survive.


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