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What Is And What Should Never Be is the twentieth episode of Supernatural: The Animation. It is a remake of the TV Series' Season 2 episode of the same name.


The episode starts with a pair of glowing blue eyes drifting their way towards the screen. Sam's voice can be heard shouting Dean's name, until the screen is covered by one of the eyes.

Dean Winchester wakes up to find himself in bed with a naked blonde woman. He frantically calls Sam and tells him of the situation. Sam seems unimpressed and asks if Dean was dreaming. He points out that the woman in the bed is Carmen, Dean's wife.

This revelation shocks Dean. Sam is then shown in his own room studying from a law book, titled Criminal Law & Procedure. He clearly considers Dean's behavior as unusual.

Dean and Carmen's wedding photo.

Dean searches the house and finds various photographs. One of them is of Dean's marriage to Carmen Winchester. He is overwhelmed by a photograph of himself, Carmen, and his mother, Mary Winchester, and decides to go see Mary.

Inside, Dean asks Mary about a fire that happened at the house a long time ago, though Mary has no recollection of such, and brushes it off as Dean having a bad dream. Mary notes that as a child, Dean had a lot of bad dreams and often crawled into her and John's bed.

Mary makes hot milk with cinnamon for Dean, saying Dean always liked it that way. The two then discuss about the past while looking at old photographs. Dean accidentally asks about John, unaware that he had died about a year ago from a stroke.

Later on, Carmen shows up and demands Dean pick up some stuff for Mary's birthday, which is today. Carmen helps Mary with the cooking while Dean goes shopping and purchases a necklace. Upon return, Dean begins painting the roof. Sam arrives shortly after he finishes.

Sam introduces his mother to Jessica, his girlfriend. Dean is bewildered to see her alive. He tells Sam how he feels like everything is different, reminding him how Mary and Jessica were killed by demons. This leaves Sam confused. He tells Dean to stop talking crazy since he might ruin their mother's birthday. He then leaves him hanging outside.

Sam announces his engagement to Jessica.

Everyone gathers around a table to celebrate with Mary. Dean helps Mary put on her necklace. As they eat, Sam announces his engagement to Jessica. The other three, all delighted, hug-tackle him to the ground.

Around evening, Dean gives Sam another hug to congratulate him. Sam confesses that he finds it weird that Dean keeps calling him "Sammy". Dean explains that he always does, but Sam argues that this is the first time he's heard the nickname. Sam deduces that this is because they haven't seen each other in a while, but they don't talk much anyway.

Dean is distressed by the news, even more when their past as hunters is unknown to Sam. Dean realizes that with Mary alive, they never needed to hunt. When Sam asks if Dean is okay, Dean admits that he really doesn't know.

The glowing blue eyes that appeared at the beginning of the episode appear once more, briefly, and the scene switches to Dean waking up from a fright. Carmen, who is next to him on the bed, asks if he's alright, and Dean says he needs some fresh air.

Bobby working in the CD store.

Dean goes for a walk and ponders on the eyes he saw. He is interrupted from his thoughts by the sight of Bobby. He follows Bobby into a CD store. Bobby claims to be working here, and doesn't appear to recognize Dean. Dean introduces himself a fan of the Supernatural series, which Bobby is tending to.

One of the CD boxes features the blue eyes he saw. Bobby introduces it as a "Djinn". He describes it as a spirit that grants all one's wishes, and that there are two variations of it, good and evil. He points out that the one on the CD box cover is an evil one.

Jinn's appearance1 (Anime).PNG

Bobby explains that the evil one will grant wishes in exchange for one's flesh and blood, which it will devour. He laughs it off as only fiction, but Dean purchases the CD and watches the video. He sees a Djinn devouring a restrained victim, who appears unconscious. He realizes it isn't fiction at all.

Carmen interrupts him with hot milk with cinnamon, which was taught to her by Mary, saying it worked wonders on Dean whenever he had a bad dream. Dean is so touched that he asks Carmen to marry him, to which she replies that she already did.

The family is gathered together in the living room by morning. There is a new photograph of Mary's birthday party, which Dean admires. Mary jokingly tells Dean and Carmen that she expects lots of grandchildren, leaving Dean flustered.

In the afternoon, Dean takes a nap on the couch. He hears Sam calling to him frantically. Sam is shown looking down at him, asking him if he's okay. Dean is also shown looking back up, eyes wide, with markings all over his face. Sam urges Dean to wake up. Something then attacks Sam who continues to urge Dean to wake up. Dean looks away and sees the blue eyes hovering towards him.

Dean wakes up on the couch, horrified. He goes outside the house to where Sam is, and after roughly checking, realizes Sam doesn't have any scars from getting his "ass kicked" right in front of him. Sam is offended, and demands to know what's wrong with his brother, and asks if he had another bad dream.

Dean agrees, saying that the world they're in is a dream, and he's being held captive by a Jinn. Sam blames it on either gin or vodka, to which Dean argues that he hadn't had so much as a sip. Dean calls him "Bitch", but Sam is simply confused. This reveals to Dean that Sam is also a part of the dream.

Dean runs back into the house and grabs a knife, and prepares to stab himself in the heart with it. Carmen, Mary and Jessica look on in horror. Sam tries to talk him out of it, but Dean tells him he's going to test it himself if he's really dreaming or not, saying that a person wakes up if they die in a dream.

Dean confesses that he doesn't want to leave, that he's glad to realize what experiences he's missed out on, but admits he's not used to "all this happiness". Dean proceeds to stab himself, just as the real Sam kills the Jinn.

Sam rushes to Dean's side and frees him from his bonds. Dean pulls Sam into a tight hug and begins crying. He says he was so happy in that dream world, the happiest he's ever been. The song "Carry on Wayward Son" begins playing the background as Dean continues to cry with Sam comforting him.

Dean and Sam (Anime) at the end of episode 20.PNG

After the credits roll, Dean and Sam are shown in the middle of nowhere talking about the dream world, with the Impala next to them. Sam suspects the dream was Dean's ideal world, but Dean says it wasn't, since the two of them weren't hunting together.

Sam agrees, and Dean ends the episode with saying, "Let's go hunt some demons. We are hunters, aren't we?" as they watch the sun rise in the distance.

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  • This is the last episode in which Dean Winchester is voiced by Andrew Farrar.
  • Mary mentions that John enjoyed playing softball, much to Dean's surprise.
  • Bobby Singer does not make an appearance in the TV series version of this episode.
  • Bobby's apron, which he is shown wearing in the store, reads "I <3 MOVIE".
  • The montage that plays during the credits is different from the usual one. It depicts photos of life in Dean's dream world, possibly what life could have been for the brothers if not for The Yellow-Eyed Demon.
  • In the final moments of the episode, the brothers' stance is identical to the one from end of the normal end credits montage.