Wesley Mondale was the man who tossed a magical coin into the wishing well at "Lucky Chin's" restaurant.

Background[edit | edit source]

Wesley was a coin collector. His grandfather had obtained the Tiamat Coin in North Africa during World War II. His grandfather told him that it was "a real wish-granting coin," but also warned him that it should never be used. However, when his grandfather died, Wesley's feeling of loss leads him to risk using it.

Wes got his wish

Sam and Dean pegged Wesley as the probable candidate for being "the first wisher" and owner of the cursed coin after they saw the surprise engagement announcement of Wesley and Hope Lynn Casey in the newspaper. They had seen the couple fawning over each other at Chin's earlier and thought it looked strange at the time. They visited Wesley and he confessed that he'd used the coin for a wish, later revealing that his wish was that Hope would love him "more than anything." The guys demanded that he go with them to Chin's and "wish it back." He refused, so Dean flashed his gun to convince him. They informed Wesley that soon after he used the coin, wishes were granted all across town because the coin's chaotic curse had been unleashed. Wesley could only mourn the loss of his wish and said that anything would be better than his life before Hope knew he existed. On the way to Chin's, however, he began to see some of the destruction that he'd created. As they got out of the car, Wesley was still not willing to accept that everyone couldn't just have what they wanted. He only seemed to get it after he witnessed Sam's death as wished by Hope, whose actions were an extension of his wish. He went inside and confronted Hope at the well, and realized that she did love him more than anything, including life itself. As he retrieved the coin from the well, all of the wishes were reversed. He sadly handed the coin to the resurrected Sam and walked away.

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