Wes Cooper is a man living in Hope Springs, Idaho and the first victim of the Rabid outbreak in town.


Wes lived in Hope Springs, Idaho where he had a wife that loved him deeply. She eventually died from unknown causes.

In 2016, Amara hit Hope Springs with a Rabid infection through her fog. Wes was the first to fall victim to the infection. After becoming a Rabid, Wes killed coworker and then himself, but not before talking about how life was meaningless and nobody loved him.

Following Wes' death, his actions baffled everyone who knew him as he was known to be a happy person. Wes' actions drew the attention of hunter Sam Winchester who speculated that he was either possessed by a demon or had his soul consumed by Amara. While investigating the case, Deputy Jan Harris showed Sam pictures of Wes' body and Sam realized that he was a Rabid after seeing the black veins on Wes' arms which Sam recognized from past experience.

After being convinced by Metatron to return and help, God removed the Rabid infection from Hope Springs and resurrected everyone who had died, including Wes and his victim.



  • While Wes' ultimate fate is never shown on-screen, an article Sam Winchester reads in All in the Family confirms that God did resurrect everyone as the article mentions that no one died in Hope Springs unlike what was previously expected.
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