Wendy Vincente is the sister of rock star Vince Vincente.

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Wendy suffered from paralysis and could not walk. Through a deal with Lucifer in exchange for his permission to be used as a vessel, Vince had Lucifer heal Wendy of her condition.

The next day, Crowley and Castiel visited her after discovering post cards she sent in Vince's apartment. At first, she was alarmed by their presence and tried to call Vince, but Crowley stopped her and threatened to take away her mobility.

Castiel insisted the two of them just wanted to help her brother, so Wendy admitted she knew something was off about Vince the other day, noting how he suddenly appeared, healed her, and then took off, like someone on an errand.

She mentioned his companion, whom Crowley and Castiel quickly realized was Rowena. The two then bid Wendy farewell.

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  • Wendy is the first person shown to have been healed by Lucifer.
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