Wendy Rice was a Ph.D. candidate whose thesis pertained to the history of Lincoln Springs, Missouri, and its connection to the Underground Railroad.


When Crowley had demons searching for Lucifer's Crypts to find the angel tablet, a possessed Ann Morton contacted Wendy looking for a map of the town, but did not meet with her. Ann's assistant called her, however, but he was also a demon.

As Special Agents Lynne and Tandy, Sam and Dean Winchester respectively, were investigating a spring of unusual deaths in town, they stopped by Wendy's house. They discussed what Ann had contacted her for, but were interrupted by three demons. After the brothers, with the help of Castiel, fought with the demons, one of them escaped with the map and another took control of Wendy's body.

Wendy Rice death

Castiel bound the demon possessing Wendy in a devil's trap and tortured it for information. On the orders of Naomi, Castiel killed the demon and Wendy with his angel blade before the demon could reveal that they were after the angel tablet to the Winchesters.


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