Wendy Hanscum (b. April 13, 1999)[1] is Donna Hanscum's niece.


Wendy had just recently graduated from high school and took a gap year. Later, she started "run wild before going to college", becoming a sort of drifter from city to city in what she thought like an "adventure".

Season 13Edit

She stopped at Manny's Truck Stop Cafe to fill her car with gas. However, the gas machine was not working, and did not accept her card. She later went inside the cafe, where she met various truckers, Pastor Don Hankey delivering his teachings to a trucker, and Marlon. Noticing how Marlon was acting in an inappropriate manner towards her, she left the place in a hurry after filling her tank.

However, without realizing it, she hit one of butterfly spikes that had been scattered by Terrance Clegg and The Harvester, puncturing one of her car tires. She asked for help from a passing truck, but the trucker ignored her and did not stop. The Harvester later ambushed her from behind, dragging her away.

She was later brought to The Harvester' lair. Here, she was bound and wounded. Helpless, she screamed in distress for help, only for The Harvester to mock her.

She appeared in a broadcast of a dark site shown by Marlon, shortly after brutal slaughter of Luis Fernando aired. At that site, The Winchesters, Donna, and Doug discovered that monsters gathered at the site for a human flesh auction. Realizing that they were unable to hack TOR encryption to track Wendy before she would be killed, Sam asked Terrance, since only U.S. Law Enforcement agencies like the FBI owned counter-TOR instruments to decrypt and track her.

While Terrance gave them the accurate location, it also was bait to catch Sam. Dean and Donna later went to The Harvester' lair, after neutralizing Marlon and curing Doug. It was here, Donna located Wendy and the latter was happy to see her aunt. Wendy then alerted her of The Harvester who Donna soon kills after a brief fight and frees her crying niece.

Afterwards, Donna and the Winchesters sent Wendy to the hospital due to her wounds.



  • Sarah Dugdale, her actress, revealed that she was wearing a "L♀ve is L♀ve" T-shirt on Twitter.[2]
  • Actress Sarah Dugdale previously portrayed Chloe in the Season 7 episode "Party On, Garth".


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