Wendy is a woman who was a patient at the Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital.


Season 5

Wendy randomly first kissed Dean and later Sam, at the Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital, saying she preferred him because he was "larger".

When Dean realizes that both he and Sam are going crazy, he comes to the conclusion that the Wraith which they are hunting must have poisoned them through contact. Remembering that Wendy had kissed both of them, he believes that she is the Wraith. Dean and Martin Creaser sneak over to her room, but on the way there they hear her scream. When they get there, they see the Wraith sticking its stinger through her head to feed on her brain. Despite the injury, Wendy survives and regains consciousness.[1]



  • Her actress, Holly Hougham, had previously portrayed Frannie, a jewelry store clerk whom Dean flirted with, in the Season 2 episode Nightshifter.


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