Weems was a zanna that appeared as an average looking man with a mullet. He was the imaginary friend to a young boy by the name of Fletcher in Menomonie, Wisconsin. He was the boyfriend to Nicky, and appealed to children due to his ability to play amazing air guitar.

Season 11Edit

When his friend Fletcher had an accident and wet the bed, Weems took his bed sheets and cleaned them so Fletcher's mother would not find out about it. After Weems assured Fletcher that everything would be fine, he told him to go back to bed while he hung the sheets to dry on the clothes line. As he was hanging the sheets, he became suspicious that there was something watching him and attempted to look for them. When he found nothing, he shrugged it off and went back to the laundry. He was then stabbed through the bed sheet with a knife. Weems was able to catch a glimpse of his attacker fleeing, and called to Sully to come to him.

When Sully arrived with Sam and Dean Winchester, they followed Weems' blood trail to the garage, where he told Sully that his fat ended up saving him due to the knife only going through his love handles, and not penetrating deep enough. He was then surprised that Sam and Dean were able to see him, so Sully assure him they are friends. Dean questioned him on when he last saw Nicky the mermaid, but Weems was shocked to find out she and Sparkle had been killed. Weems told Sam and Dean that "some chick" he had never seen before had stabbed him and drove off in a VW Bug. Before Dean left to look into the new lead, he asked Weems what his appeal to kids was. Weems told him that he played air guitar, and proceeded to shred a realistic guitar riff for Sam and Dean, much to their surprise.

After Sully patched him up, Weems went to check on Fletcher to make sure he had not wet the bed again.


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