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Wayne Whittaker Jr. was a Leprechaun, but posed as a UFO-specialist when away from his home world, Avalon.


This leprechaun was summoned to Elwood, Indiana, by Mr. Brennan, who was unaware of the price of summoning fairies or that fairies always "come to stay". As a result, all first-born sons of the whole town are abducted, including Brennan's own. The leprechaun then poses as a UFO-specialist and when Sam and Dean come to interview him, he claims to have been studying aliens for over 30 years.

Eventually, Dean gets kidnapped which leads Sam to interview Wayne again, but Wayne proves to "suck" at hunting aliens. When Sam and Mr. Brennan begin preparing the spell that will banish all the fairies back, Wayne appears and kills Mr. Brennan, and reveals himself to be a leprechaun. Whittaker talks to Sam, noting his lack of a soul. He says he can open a secret door to Lucifer's Cage in which angels and demons can't and retrieve Sam's soul... for a price. Sam declines.

He and Sam then engage in a fight, in which Wayne easily overpowers him. However, Sam manages to incapacitate him by spilling salt, forcing the fairy to count each grain. This gives Sam time to finish the spell, which sends all the fairies back to their realm.

Powers and Abilities[]

While posing as a human, he displayed no powers. When discovered, he didn't hesitate to exploit his power.

  • Magic - Wayne employs what he calls "real magic" compared to angels and that he has "a way of getting in backdoors" and claimed he could fetch Sam's soul from the cage. This could be because the cage wasn't warded against fairies.
  • Teleportation - He could appear and disappear here and there in the blink of an eye.
  • Invulnerability - He couldn't be killed by conventional means, even after he was shot in the chest with a shotgun (with iron, which is "hated" by all fairies), he stated that it was only "painful".
  • Super strength - He fought off Sam, smacking, throwing, and beating him.
  • Invisibility - He could not be seen by humans unless he chose to, or by those who have been to Avalon.
  • Reality Warping - Much like a Crossroads demon, Wayne was able to make deals with humans so that they may fulfill their wishes. However, unlike the denizens of Hell, fairies do not desire souls. In this particular case, Wayne desired first-born sons, although the reason why was not made expressly clear.
  • Supernatural Perception - Wayne was able to sense that Sam had no soul.


  • Iron - Iron can cause him great pain for him, but he could simply shrug it off.
  • Silver - Silver, being able to hurt dark fairies, can hurt him. It seemed to have a stronger effect, as touching Sam's silver knife caused him to suffer burn wounds.
  • Grained substances - Types of grained substances, such as salt or sugar, if poured in front of him, compels him to stoop and count each individual grain.
  • Fairy banishing spell - The fairy banishing spell can banish Wayne back to Avalon.



  • The leprechaun's real name is unknown, as "Wayne Whittaker Jr." was an alias.
  • When Sam shot him, his blood turned out to be green. It is unknown if other Leprechauns share this characteristic.