Walter Rosen was possessed by the demon Envy.


In Oak Park, Illinois, Walter Rosen is putting out his garbage when the street lights flicker and dark clouds roil. Having recently escaped Hell, Envy possesses Walter.

In Nebraska, he is caught on video causing a woman to kill another over a pair of shoes. Isaac and Tamara try and catch him at a bar, but other demons overpower them and Isaac is killed. Sam, Dean, and Bobby save Tamara and trap Walter in the trunk under a devil's trap.

They interrogate Envy who is possessing Walter. He taunts that humans possess all the vices they represent, and warns that the other demons will track them down. He taunts Dean about his lust and gluttony, and Tamara about her wrath. Tamara then exorcises Envy, but Walter does not survive, having presumably taken some form of fatal injury while possessed.



  • When the Winchesters and Bobby Singer burn the vessels of the deceased Seven Deadly Sins, Walter's body is not shown. It is unknown what happened to it and why the Winchesters didn't burn him as well.
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