Wallace Parker was a billionaire philanthropist.


Some time after Lucifer fled from Vince Vincente's body, he moved on to possess Wallace Parker, whom Castiel later commented was a very powerful CEO of "almost everything". It was Parker's high position that drew Lucifer to him.

Lucifer possessed Parker for an unknown period of time. As Parker grew increasingly unable to contain him, Lucifer set his sights on Parker's friend, the Archbishop of St. Louis, to whom Parker also donated large sums of money.

After Lucifer abandoned Parker, the news reported his mysterious death, declaring that he was found dead in his office late Tuesday, his body heavily damaged by an explosion of some kind. Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley, who were all hunting for Lucifer, visited the morgue and discover that Parker's eyes had been burned out. Dean jokingly remarked that Parker forgot to put on his sunscreen.

Parker's death was not for naught however, as Sam managed to discover Parker's connection to the Archbishop. Unfortunately, by the time Sam and Dean arrived at St. Louis, Lucifer had already abandoned his latest vessel again.



  • Wallace Parker is Lucifer's third vessel in Season 12, following an unnamed young man and Vince Vincente. He was succeeded by the Archbishop. All four died as a result of the possession.
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