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I know a spell. It'll vaporize every demon in a one-mile radius. Myself included.
in Jus In Bello

The Virgin Sacrifice Spell is a powerful spell that involves cutting out the heart of a virgin as a sacrifice to destroy demons over a large area.


When Sam and Dean were trapped in a police station, Lilith sent demons to besiege the hunters and the other humans. Ruby, a witch and demon, arrived and offered a solution to help them survive. She claimed that the spell was powerful enough to clear an entire one-mile radius of demons, including herself. She also claimed the spell would leave the human hosts alive, so long as they were not dead before they were possessed. However, it required the participation of a person of virtue—one who was still a virgin. Nancy Fitzgerald was considering the solution offered by Ruby. However, Dean was adamantly opposing it. Dean then devised of a plan that would not have to rely on the spell. As such, the spell was never performed.


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