Violet Duval is a werewolf and a part of the wealthy, powerful Duval family. Violet was in a relationship with shapeshifter David Lassiter, but like every love story their romance is off limits.[1]

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Violet was born as a werewolf into the Duval family, one of five monster families secretly running Chicago. She fell in love with David Lassiter, a shapeshifter and were planning on running away together when she suddenly broke off their relationship. It was revealed that David's brother Sal threatened her to leave him, because of the consequences that can arise from their relationship. Years later Violet was to be married in an arranged marriage her father set-up with a pack of werewolves from New York.

Season 9 Edit

After hearing about the murder of Sal Lassiter, violet confronts her brother Julian on whether he was involved in it, and why he is meeting with a djinn. Julian threatens her, saying war is coming between the families and it is of no concern to her.

Later as she is leaving the Duval mansion, she realizes that one of the butlers is David Lassiter in disguise, and she makes him shift out of the butler's form. He tells her the reason he is at her home is so she can take him to her brother to try and stop the gang war before it starts, she tells him it's useless calling him a "runaway" and herself a "bitch" and that they don't matter. Suddenly a hooded figure attacks David, but before he can kill David, the hooded figure is shot by Ennis Ross, who flees, taking Violet with him.

At his lair the hooded figure reveals himself to Violet be nothing more than a human, and tells her how Sal Lassiter and her brother were behind the murder of his young son, it's then Violet realizes he wants to start a war between the families out of his revenge, so they all kill each other. When David is captured trying to rescue her, the hunter Irv, plans to kill him; but is stopped when Violet transforms and attacks him, but is stopped by David before she kills him. Safe at her home, Violet and David share a kiss before they go their separate ways.

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