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Violet is a reaper who currently works under Billie after she had been promoted to take over Death's job.


In Nihilism, in a desperate attempt to escape from Michael's monsters, Sam calls out to Jessica to help them. However, Violet appears instead, explaining that the reapers are now on shifts watching the Winchesters instead of Jessica being assigned to the job alone. Sam realized that Jack and Castiel couldn't see her, when they inquire on who he was talking too before Michael reveal he could see her. Violet listened as Michael revealed of his forces locking Death away and the enslavement of her kind in his world while she is disturbed by this and taunts his situation.

Soon, Violet contacts Billie and gets new orders before the group are transported to the bunker.


Like most reapers, she has a more casual approach to dangerous situations as seen when she disregarded Team Free Will's plight with the monster situation. She follows the orders of Death, since she didn't try to help because of Billie's commands and only did so when given permission.

Despite being composed in the threat of the monsters, she was notably scared when Michael revealed that he enslaved the Reapers in his world. Her only response was to nervously taunt him on being captured by Team Free Will.

Powers and Abilities[]

Violet possesses the common abilities of a Reaper.

  • Invisibility - As a Reaper, Violet is naturally invisible. She can become visible at will as she did with Sam to communicate with him.
  • Teleportation - She teleported out of the bunker.
  • Telepathy - Violet was able to mentally talk to Billie regarding whether or not she should save Sam, Castiel and Jack.


Violet possesses all the common weaknesses of a Reaper.

  • Primordial Entities - As a Reaper, she is subjected to Death's orders. Alternate Michael was able to perceive her visage and intimidate her with his actions onto her people in his world.