Violent Spirits are a very dangerous type of ghost who are motivated by cruelty rather than vengeance or attention seeking.


Unlike Vengeful Spirits, who are the ghosts of those who have some wrong done to them in their life, violent spirits are usually the ghosts of evil or cruel people (or at least had something wrong with them), who in their lives brought pain and suffering to others, and in their deaths continue to do so.

Due to this violent spirits are normally among the strongest type of ghosts, and possess great powers.

Known Violent SpiritsEdit

  • Jacob Karns - Also known as the Hookman, he murdered and mutilated thirteen prostitutes in life. As a spirit fed off of repressed emotions and murdered those who the one he fed off of felt sinned. Dispatched when Dean Winchester salted and burned his bones and melted all of the objects his hook had been reforged into.

    Jacob Karns: an example of a Violent spirit.

  • Sanford Ellicott - Performed barbaric experiments on mental patients to help them by releasing their repressed anger as a human. As a ghost, continued his efforts until his body was salted and burned by Dean.
  • Melanie Merchant - In life, she murdered her biological family and then her adopted family, murders which would be pinned on her adopted father. As a spirit, she murdered those who came into possession of the painting she possessed. Destroyed when Dean burned the lock of her hair attached to her old doll.
  • Henry H. Holmes - America's first serial killer who continued his work after death. Trapped in a ring of salt by Sam and Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle then sealed in with cement.
  • Dolores Glockner - Nurse who in life murdered criminals who entered her ward. As a ghost, continued her work after being released from being trapped in 2007. Destroyed when Sam and Dean salted and burned her bones.
  • Freeman Daggett - Lonely and paranoid man in life who stole corpses to not be so lonely. Committed suicide and continued to haunt his house, killing anyone who stayed the night on each February 29th. Destroyed by the ghost of Alan J. Corbett.
  • P.T. Sandover - Workaholic in life who's ghost forced his workers to perfection and then suicide when they failed to meet his standards. Destroyed when Sam burned his old work gloves.
  • The Ghost Orphans - Murdered the son of Leticia Gore in life and were murdered by her in return. After Leticia's spirit was destroyed, went on a rampage at the first ever Supernatural convention before they were destroyed by Demian and Barnes salting and burning their bones.
  • Margaret Fox - Psychic who in life was seen as a fraud. Bound by Jimmy Tomorrow to kill fake psychics but continued his work even after his death as she agreed with him. Destroyed when Sam salted and burned her bones.
  • Whitman Van Ness - Murdered his fiancée and several others in both life and death. Bound them to his house where he murdered anyone who entered and trapped their ghosts as well. Destroyed when Dean salted and burned his bones.
  • Hugo Moriarty - Bricked himself behind a wall and starved to death after he went insane following the tragic death of his daughter in a hit and run car accident. Murdered children who went on to live in his former home and bound their souls to him. Destroyed when Sam salted and burned his bones.
  • Avery Meadows - A doctor who lobotomized and experimented on his patients. Upon death, he became a violent spirit. After one of his masks that his spirit was tied to was stolen, he tracked down and killed the two boys that were responsible. Eventually, his actions drew the attention of the Winchesters and his spirit was laid to rest by Dean Winchester who burned his plague masks.
  • John Wayne Gacy - An infamous serial killer known as "the Killer Clown." After his execution, Gacy's ghost became trapped in his cigar box, but was inadvertently released by some partying teenagers. After a short time free, his spirit was laid to rest by Sam Winchester who burned the cigar box.
  • Francis Tumblety - Also known by the name Jack the Ripper, he was responsible for a murder spree in Whitechapel, London, in 1888. His preferred victims were women, all of whom were prostitutes. He eventually died and went to hell.
  • Jacinda - A witch who died from a powerful curse cast by Rowena MacLeod to protect her apartment. Returned as a ghost within hours to help her mother and sister who sought to resurrect her. Laid to rest when Dean burned her body.


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