Vince Vincente is a rock star who was the vessel of the archangel Lucifer.



Vince is described as an aging rock star whose popularity and success is on the decrease, however, he is trying to make a come-back.

At some point, Vince began dating a woman named Jen, though their relationship was poor due to Vince constantly abandoning her. Jen soon left him, and later committed suicide. Vince came to regret this loss for many years after.

Season 12

Vince and his band mates perform a successful show, and Vince is shown proud alongside his team. However, backstage Vince begins drinking while looking depressed at a picture of his late lover. His band mate Tommy suggests Vince joins the team on a fun night in Cleveland, though Vince declines.

Vince returns to his apartment, looking exhausted. He goes to the sink to wash his face only to be covered in blood. He begins to panic, even more when things in his room start flying around.

Lucifer and Vince

He tries to call for help but the phone is dead. When Vince escapes into another room, he is confronted by Jen, much to his surprise. "Jen" apologizes for leaving him the way she did, describing her suicide as selfish but at the time, Vince deserved it.

Vince admits he would do anything to have her back, and "Jen" tells him he can. "Jen" reveals she is a powerful angel who can take away his pain and grant him peace, and that all Vince needs to do is to let her in.

The grief-stricken Vince accepts, and he is promptly possessed by the archangel Lucifer.

In The Foundry, Lucifer heals Vince's sister Wendy of her paralysis as part of the agreement he made to get Vince's permission. He also starts burning through Vince so he asks Rowena to cast a spell to make Vince into a more permanent vessel. Instead, Rowena casts a spell to speed up the decay of Vince's body and banishes Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean.

In American Nightmare, Castiel informs Dean of Lucifer's possession of Vince. Dean is shown to think that Vince is a douchebag while Sam is shown to be a fan of his.

In Rock Never Dies a couple of amateur Satanists attempt to summon Lucifer using one of his feathers taken from one of Lucifer's Crypts. Lucifer appears in the form of a deformed Vince and uses the feather to temporarily heal himself before killing the Satanists. Posing as Vince, Lucifer reunites his band in order to have a concert where he will kill everyone. Lucifer kills all of Vince's band but Vince starts to decay once more. As Vince burns out, Lucifer departs his body in a stream of light, leaving Vince a dead shriveled-up husk. Sam later states that they didn't win as Vince and other people still died. When Dean points out that they had no hope of saving Vince, Sam tells him Lucifer took everything Vince was and twisted and destroyed it. Following Vince's death, his body is taken away in an ambulance and the news reports on his death.



  • In some way, Vince's life description mimics that of Lucifer. The Archangel is trying to make a come-back himself, after abandoning malevolence.
  • The method Lucifer uses to manipulate a "yes" out of Vince resembles the method he used on Nick, by taking the form of a woman whom they loved and lost and promising salvation in return for their consent.


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