Vince Vincente is a Rock Star who has been possessed by the archangel Lucifer.



Vince is described as an aging rock star whose popularity and success is on the decrease, however, he is trying to make a come-back.

Season 12

Vince returns to his apartment, appearing exhausted. He goes to the sink to wash his face only to be covered in blood. He begins to panic, even more when things in his room start flying about.

Lucifer as Janet with Vince S12

Lucifer and Vince

He tries to call for help but the phone is dead. Once the commotion stops, Vince is confronted by Janet, a woman he deeply cared about. "Janet" asks of Vince to invite her in, in exchange for obtaining everything he wanted. Grief-stricken, Vince says "yes" and is promptly possessed by Lucifer.



  • In some way, Vince's life description mimics that of Lucifer. The Archangel is trying to make a come-back himself, after abandoning malevolence.
  • The method Lucifer uses to manipulate a "yes" out of Vince resembles the method he used on Nick, by taking the form of a woman whom they loved and promising salvation in return for their consent.


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