These two unnamed men were members of the Ladyheart band.


Alongside lead singer Vince Vincente and Tommy, these men were part of the rock metal band Ladyheart, which had endured for many years as a popular band with loyal followers.

They were first shown in "Mamma Mia" performing a successful show in front of a loud, cheering crowd. Afterwards, the band planned on visiting Cleveland. Vince, however, refused to join them since he was still mourning the death of his lover, Jen. That night, Vince assented to possession by Lucifer.

By morning, Tommy tried to get Vince to partake in rehearsal, but was knocked out of the room by Lucifer, now wearing Vince. At least a week later, Lucifer decided to use Vince's fame to manipulate fans into hurting and killing themselves.

He ordered the band to host a concert at Club Meteor in Los Angeles. While these two band mates were excited and eager to perform, Tommy was agitated since he knew Vince was not himself, and contacted Agent Beyonce, giving him their location.

Lucifer arrived backstage and swiftly murdered these two men, and while Agent Beyonce, aka Castiel arrived in time before Tommy was killed, he and Crowley were no match for the archangel and Tommy was ultimately killed as well.



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