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Vili was a norse god. He traveled to Plutus' auction, but was killed by Sam Winchester.


Season 8[]

Sometime after losing his worshipers, Vili left the fingerbone of the frost giant Ymir in a safety deposit box in a bank in Chicago, box number one to be exact. In the modern day, he returned to collect it, as Plutus' auction was coming up. He then killed the bank clerk who was helping him and took 5/8 of her body with him.

At the auction, he bid the finger for the hammer of Thor. It was implied it was in his possession at some point in the past. Plutus didn't accept the finger; however he added 5/8 of a virgin as well (the bank clerk he killed) and Plutus accepts.

Mr. Vili's remains.

At the end he took the hammer, but was caught in the crossfire between the Winchesters, Crowley, and Beau, who had switched sides and joined Crowley. To defeat the god, he gave Sam Winchester the hammer. Sam killed Beau with it, and Vili asked for it back, however Sam questioned him on where he got the 5/8 of a virgin from.

Vili sheepishly shrugged, admitting he committed murder, so Sam used the hammer to kill him. Only his clothes remained.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super strength - As a deity, he was incredibly strong. He ripped a bank clerk apart with his bare hands.
  • Immortality - As a pagan deity, he could of lived forever.
  • Invulnerability - Like every other deity, he was immune to conventional means of killing. However, a divine weapon such as Mjölnir could kill him.


  • Divine Weaponry - Mjölnir, a divine weapon, could kill him.


Vili presented himself as a kind old man with good manners. He also spoke to others affectionately, calling them "dear". He even shook his head in disapproval when he saw Linda Tran punch Crowley shortly before the auction began.

However, Vili had little regards for humans, and despite Shelley's kindness, Vili was willing to murder her if it meant he could obtain what he wanted.



  • In Norse mythology, Vili was one of the brothers of the Aesir god Odin, ruler of Asgard. He, along with Odin and Ve, were responsible for the creation of the cosmos, as well as the first humans. Vili means "will" in old Norse. Vili was the God of Will.
  • Alex Diakun also portrayed the Reaper from the season 1 episode Faith.
  • Upon acquiring Mjölnir, Vili remarked that he missed the hammer, implying they had a history together.
  • In Norse mythology, Vili is the uncle of Baldur, who appeared in the season 5 episode, Hammer of the Gods.