Victoria Dodd's bones were the remains left behind by Victoria Dodd after her murder and were what tied her to the Earth.


Following Victoria's murder by Whitman Van Ness, he kept her remains in a secret room of the Van Ness House. As a result, Victoria's ghost was trapped in the house along with Van Ness' other victims.

In 2012, at the request of Bobby Singer and Annie Hawkins, Victoria's ghost became visible to Sam and Dean Winchester in order to warn them directly about the threat from Van Ness. Observing the interactions from a distance, Van Ness decided to retrieve and burn Victoria's bones in his fireplace to destroy her ghost as a punishment for aiding the hunters.

Later, while searching for the remains of Van Ness' victims, Bobby and Annie came across Victoria's still burning remains. The two ghostly hunters realized that burning her bones was how Van Ness "killed" Victoria and that they were close to where Van Ness was keeping his other victims. After locating the other remains, Bobby and Annie built up the fire around Victoria's smoldering bones to put the other ghosts to rest, but were interrupted by the return of Van Ness before they could do anything further.



  • Victoria's bones being burned by Whitman Van Ness is a unique example of one ghost destroying another by burning their bones.
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