Victoria Dodd is one of the ghosts trapped in the Van Ness house.


Early StoryEdit

Before she died, Victoria worked in the house as a "fancy lady" before her throat was slit by Whitman Van Ness. Once trapped in the house, she watched Whitman murder his fiancée and framed Dexter O'Connell for it. Years passed by and she stayed in the house.

Season 7Edit

Unlike most of the ghosts at the Van Ness House, Victoria still had her sanity. Victoria attempted to warn the hunter Annie Hawkins via phone call. She later tried to tell Annie and Bobby Singer about what was happening when both were ghosts, but was interrupted when Sam and Dean left with Bobby's flask and thus Bobby.

Later, after two boys were murdered by Van Ness, Annie convinced Victoria to pick up the camera they dropped so she could leave Sam and Dean a clue as she lacked that ability herself. She and Bobby later got Victoria to become visible to tell Sam and Dean what was going on. After Victoria revealed that it was him and that he needed to be stopped, Van Ness burned her bones which he kept in a hidden room, causing Victoria to burn up before she could finish by giving Sam and Dean the information they needed to finish Van Ness. Bobby and Annie later found her burning remains and it helped them locate the rest of Van Ness' victims.[1]




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